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History of Jesse A. and Lena Eaton Haws Family



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History of Jesse A. and Lena Eaton Haws Family

774 Pages (Adobe PDF)

The purpose of this Jesse A. Haws/Lena Eaton Haws history is to tell their descendants about the basic trunks of our family tree. Their five sons and their wives, who have written the history, especially want to communicate to their children, and future generations, something about the family values and the blessings of their Heavenly Father that have guided their lives.

It is our hope that telling others some experiences of our lives may contribute to their success and happiness. At the same time we hope these records may help others avoid some of our mistakes and keep them from "reinventing the wheel."

Inasmuch as the Haws descendants are scattered in the United States and even the world, the aim of the book is also to let the descendants become better acquainted with each other.

We have included some information and photographs of the parents and brothers and sisters of Jesse and Lena, but many of these siblings have written detailed histories of their own families. This history contains mainly accounts of Jesse and Lena, their sons, and families of their sons.

Jesse and Lena and their five boys-Byron Austin, Jesse Varl, Leo Dale, John Keith (Jack) and Max all grew up in Vernal, Utah, but during World War II and after high school graduations, the sons were scattered to many parts of the United States and the world. Numerous changes have come about in the life-styles and conditions of the family and the world from the 1920s to the 1990s when this history was published. Some of these changes are recorded.

Since the five sons spent a small portion of their lives at home together, because schools, the war, LDS missions, etc. separated them, some of the experiences and stories about the family from each son are very different, even though there is a common thread of similarity in them.

Our families have experienced struggles, successes, and the sad and happy times familiar to others in the human family. This history tells of some of these experiences realistically. As others face the common combined experiences of life, they will know we share many of these. We have tried to tell "things as they are" and not gloss over our activities, but there seems to be little need to dwell on the details of some experiences.

It takes a lot of time and effort to write and publish a family history. The five Haws sons and some family members have met annually for at least 10 years gathering and writing materials for this book. A friend has said that an author never finishes a book, he simply abandons it. Much more could be written than has been about our families, but this history at least gives an overview of our lives. We hope it will be of some interest and value to others.

It is up to our descendants to decide what to write about their generations and to keep the family continuity going.

Mother Lena left a small income from some investments made by her grandfather, E. Curtis Hadlock. The funds have been devoted to our family history and reunions. These activities have greatly strengthened our family ties. We hope we can follow Mother's good example and contribute perpetual funds dedicated to our families' unifying activities.

-B. Austin Haws


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