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Ogden Pioneer Forts & The People Who Lived There



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Our Families Roots

1024 E. 4525 S.

Ogden, Utah 84403


Ogden Pioneer Forts & The People Who Lived There

Our Pioneer ancestors were a special group of people, called of God to restore the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth. They were given the gift of the Holy Ghost which filled their hearts with the spirit of truth and love and they were given the priesthood power of God to enable them to stand up to the persecutions and evil that Satan used to try to stop the work of the Lord. As you read their histories recognize their faith, courage and dedication that helped them combat the persecution and hardships they faced each day. They recognized their leader was a prophet of God and they recognized the need to follow his counsel. How grateful we should be for them!

Chapter 1 - Fort Buenaventura
Chapter 2 - Brown's Fort and the City of Ogden Established
Chapter 3 - First Settlers North of the Ogden River
Chapter 4 - Farr's Fort
Chapter 5 - Indians Among the Pioneers
Chapter 6 - Mound Fort
Chapter 7 - Bingham's Fort
Chapter 8 - Ogden Fort

This CD contains 395 pages of life sketches, photos, articles and maps.

Compiled And Edited By Joyce B. Maw




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