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Ralph Rolland Cordon

Ralph R. Cordon was born February 23 1866, at Willard, Utah the son of Alfred and Mary Ann Voss Cordon. He married Annie Shumway in Logan, Utah, December 17, 1885, and they had eleven children. He moved to Treasureton, Idaho in 1890, and in 1893 became a counselor in the bishopbric there, in which position he served for ten years. He also held the position of Sunday School superintendent and served many years as a teacher and in missionary service. He has held the positions of road overseer, school trustee, registration clerk and other positions of trust. In 1904 he moved to Preston, Idaho and served there as Sunday School superintendent until 1909, when he was called on a mission to the Northern States. He returned from this mission in 1911 and became a home missionary.

In 1912 he moved with his family to Driggs, Idaho. He was chosen to be on the high council in the Teton Stake, and became the first counselor to President Don C. Driggs May 17, 1917. In February 1921 he was chosen a counselor in the stake presidency to President Albert Choules. He was a county commissioner in 1921-22. He was engaged in farming in the valley and later as an international Harvester dealer, had an automobile dealership and was in the furniture business. He became stake patriarch on October 1, 1927 and served in this position until the time of his death on July 28, 1936.


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