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Glenda Cole Coburn

August 22, 1942 - December 18, 2003

Glenda Cole Coburn, beloved wife, mother, daughter and sister, returned to her Heavenly Father on Thursday, Dec 18, 2003. She was the first of six daughters born to W. Wayne Cole and Gwen Alta Brown Cole on Aug 22, 1942. She was raised in a home full of love on a farm in Whitney, Idaho. Mom and Dad always seemed to put us first- we always knew we were very important to them and we were taught how to express this through actions and words. She had loving Grandparents, Maralba and Alta Brown. She was their first grandchild so she didn't have to share their hugs and attention for a while. Grandma crocheted her a cute little blue dress. Her Grandpa Cole lived with them on the farm so he had ample time in which to spoil her. He was "Her grandpa" and she let all the cousins coming along that that was the case. Glenda never had a problem sticking up for what she believed.

There were always lots of things to be done on the farm. Everything from hoeing beets, helping Dad with putting up the hay in the big barn, feeding the chickens & turkeys and washing the eggs to take to town. Sewing with Mom in the bedroom and cooking in the kitchen for Dad and sometimes the hired hay crew. and taking care of sisters as they came along. But Dad and Mom made it seem not so much about work, but of being and doing things together. Dad always made it a point to take Glenda with him whenever he could. When she was still in diapers, Mom tells of the day he took her with him ALL day without so much as a diaper. They came back happy but dirty.

She loved school and her teachers. Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Condie, Mr. Condie, Mrs. Taylor and Carl Beckstead this bus driver. Mr. Manning was one of her most favorite band teacher teaching her the saxophone from grade six though out her high school years. She enjoyed it so much and she was one of the first girls to ever be able to play in the Essex dance band. They played on programs, dances and ward Gold & Green Balls. Bruce was her escort to many of these events and sometimes snuck in a dance or two when she was on break. I remember they were really good and I was very proud of her. Mrs. Coy Manning was her voice teacher and she developed her beautiful soprano voice, which she used many time in solos, trios, and leading the singing in church. Mrs. Manning was an excellent teacher who demanded the best of each of her students. They got along famously. Mr. Jack Cherrington was her favorite Seminary teacher who made a fuss over her even when he was a lot older, working in the Logan temple.

She took 4-H from Mrs. Lucretia Maughn and learned more about sewing. She had very high standards for her students and Blue ribbons at the Franklin County Fair were the standard. She was a cheerleader in the 8th grade at Whitney and loved to cheer the basketball team on to a lot of victories. She was in the marching band at Preston Jr. & Senior High, and also in the drill team. She was always active and involved and had a lot of good friends. She took piano classes from Mrs. Orme and later classes on the organ. It was in February on the 5th, 1958, that Glenda at 15 got the courage up and asked a really good-looking guy to the Sweetheart Ball. His name is Bruce Coburn and he actually said, "YES". In her story, she said that they had a fabulous time and he actually called her the next day to ask her out again. From then on they came very close and soon enough came to know that they wanted to be together forever. Around the house we called it " Bruceitis" and it was very, very bad. She was gone and no one ever came close to measuring up the Mr. Coburn. As a little sister who loved to spy on them from the top of the stairs, I learned what good smooching was all about. Bonnie remembers that - Another way they spent their evenings, was to make a platter of tuna fish sandwiches and a couple of pitchers of milk and watch TV. Soon Bruce was called on a mission to Sweden. Mom said that he was "put on ice" so to speak, so her little girl would have time to grow up and get an education. It was hard for them to part, but they knew that it was the best thing at the time. So Elder Coburn went to Sweden and Glenda went to Ricks College and entered into the Nursing Program. There she made many friends, like Jeannie Baum, Lucy Legg her Nursing instructor, and Mom Schell, her dorm mom. When she left home for college, Marilyn was only 4 years old, and Glenda gave her a cute little card that is a blue kitty telling her how much she missed her. She still has this card and makes her feel special.

This time apart only drew Glenda & Bruce more together. Glenda wrote a little poem and it goes like this:


My Prayer


To always be there to give

A greater reason for you to live.

To wipe away all doubts and fears

To always be there through the years.

To share your joys and sorrows too

To always be forever true.

To always be there when you call

To hold your hand when evenings fall

To run my fingers through you hair

To let you know there is someone who cares

To make your hopes and dreams come true

To keep our Love forever new

To give you strength when all is lost

To be with you always close

To hear you laugh To see you smile

Will always make my life worthwhile

To say I Love You every day

In each and every single way


To give you hope and happiness

To give you Sweetheart, the very best

and with this sense -we'll make our lives

Void of all the toil and strife


True happiness will make our way

And bless us through each night and day

And with you near me dear to still my fears

Eternal Joy throughout the years


After His mission and Her graduating from Ricks College as a Registered nurse, their goal of sealing their love for time and all eternity became a reality. On Sept 14, 1962, they were married in the Logan LDS temple with family and friends by their side. It was a true dream come true- that took work and love and dedication to accomplish. They rented a trailer in a park close to where Bruce was working for Safeway and Glenda was working at the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. They set up their lives in happiness and love. Her sister Joyce remembers their hospitality to her. She was going to school at the LDS Business College and loved to be with them. Her funniest memory was listening to the Bonanza Show on their little Black and white TV while watching in on their neighbors color TV through the big picture window in the trailer. They had fun going on a weekly outing with Bruce and Glenda, which was picking up a Pizza and heading for the drive in movie. Glenda always was someone you could go to for advice. Even her roommates appreciated her. She always was genuinely interested in what you were doing and made you feel important and loved. She always put her ironing board away and fixed her hair when it was time for Bruce to come home. She always had a smile for him when he came home. They practiced their cooking skills on Bruce and he was always a willing victim to try their new concoctions. They soon moved to an apartment up on the avenues, which was closer to Glenda's work and Bruce's school and work. On Feb. 9th, 1965 their first daughter Carry Lynn was born. She looked like a little Eskimo with dark thick, straight hair. She was truly loved and adored by all - Parents, aunts and grandparents. She was such a sweet baby and so much fun. Their happiness was truly complete. From here they began planning a new home and they found their place in Farmington, Utah. This home was beautiful and they worked hard on the yard and getting their surroundings a dream come true. Soon David was born, on Feb. 8, 1970- He also was a round, cute baby with a very sweet smile and lots of dark hair. He had the privilege of being the first boy born into the Cole Family. What a celebration. Then before they knew it, in April 10,1971 - Their second son, Darryn Coburn arrived with big blue eyes and blond hair. Doubly blessed - two beautiful sons and a sweet little girl. There was always a sister around to help baby sit. Sharlene remembers visiting for a week I n the summertime. She remembers picking cherries from the trees off the their sun deck and making apricot fruit leather. They had a hard time keeping the bees off the sweet leather. Glenda was a good housekeeper. She introduced Shar to the POWER OF PINSOL. Everything smelled of it. Diaper pals, bathrooms, etc. Her interest in the nursing field came from Glenda's insistence that " If I can do it, so can you."

Soon after Carrie was born, Aileen Coburn, Bruce sister moved to Salt Lake to work and to go to school. They opened their arms to her and she moved into their home soon after. She remembrances are as:

One of the first things I remember about Glenda was when I was in the 4th grade. Bruce had just left on his mission, and Glenda was already homesick for him. I was walking to school at Jefferson elementary and I heard some one call my name. I looked over by the high school and saw Glenda by the football stadium seats. I ran down to the football field and me Glenda there. I can still remember feeling so important and special that a big senior was taking time to be with a little kid. This is how Glenda was always being kind to young and old it really didn't matter. When I was in Jr. high I spent summers with Bruce and Glenda tending Carie. I really looked forward to that, it was a lot of fun living in Salt Lake and having Glenda sew all my school cloths for me. I had the privilege to live with Bruce and Glenda for five years. I had a lot of fun with them. I learned a lot form Glenda; she was a great example to me. Glenda showed me that the most important thing to her was her family. She always put Bruce as her first priority, when he worked late she would make him cookies or special treats. When Bruce worked late Glenda and I would watch movies, the older they were the better. She really liked musicals. Sometimes we ere just like teenagers and talk all night long. Glenda was a great friend to me I could tell her anything. When Colin and I were dating, Glenda would call me at work and tell me I had a letter, then I would have her open the letter and she would read it to me. Glenda would always fill their home with music, either playing the piano or singing. Her favorite piano piece was "Heart Tones". I remember seeing Glenda reading a lot. I would watch her prepare her Relief Society lessons and she would worry about having it just right. Glenda would always lend a helping hand to her friends and neighbors. One of her closed friends when she and Bruce lived in Farmington was a lady about twenty to twenty five years older than her. Her name was Vera Trainer. She and Glenda became very close. The age difference didn't, matter. She did not have any children and took Bruce and Glenda's children under her wing. When Vera was ill Glenda would always check on her to make sure she was OK. Even after the move to Idaho Glenda would still call and check you see how she was getting along.

Kimberly Ann was born on Jan 1, 1974, in Salt Lake City, Utah Her precious little face melted everyone's heart and she loved to cuddle up next to her mom. Bruce advanced in the Safeway Company and was soon given the opportunity of opening a new store in Idaho Falls, Idaho. So they were on their move again, leaving this home they had built to go to the wild west of Idaho Falls, Idaho. It was during this time that I was able to do some price checking with Glenda. We would go to three different stores and write down the current prices and send them into Salt Lake Headquarters. We had a fun time having lunch- and sometimes we would play hooky and go dress shopping and even get in trouble with Bruce - especially when we bought more than one dress. This is when we became interested in flower arranging. Our first attempt was making some silk roses and arranging them for our mom on mother's day. We had a lot of fun doing it. The arrangement wasn't all that great- but the memory was priceless. Glenda went on to do a lot of flowers, which she has a special talent for. She worked with Bruce in his flower department and sold a lot of arrangements. She enjoyed this hobby very much- She also re arranged our first attempt and it looks a lot better now.

Marilyn & Sharlene remembers going camping with Glenda & Bruce at Jenny's Lake. They had used dry ice in the cooler and the next morning the milk was carbonated they used on their cereal.

Glenda worked at the LDS hospital in Idaho Falls in the neo-natal ICU, which was very demanding on her. She loved to be with those little ones and help them enter this world.

Bruce was soon given the opportunity to move to Nampa and run another store, which he accepted. He moved his family once again and found a special home on Checola Drive. She got into the insurance business for a while and enjoyed the people.

David remembers this home because it was a great place for family reunions, neighborhood parties, and talking about the gospel principals- the lessons learned through her life experiences- and to love the simple things of life. She always decorated the house for all occasions with her talents of making everything extra special.. Kim remembers- even if it was just the 4th of July, everything was done to the 9"s. She lit up a room and was a gracious hostess making everyone feel welcome and special She envied the loving relationship that her parents always shared. Their shopping experiences could be quite entertaining. Like letting go of the wheel chair and having to run and catch it as it rolled away and having to face Bruce when they arrived with too much stuff and no money left over. Some of Daryn's favorite memories of Mom go to her open ears. She would always listen to me.. She was never too busy to listen. This was followed with good advice. Mom often would caution to "take one day at a time" and "slow down." My family, especially Amy, appreciated how my Mom was always accepting of her and always welcomed her. I will miss our one-on-ones with each other. I will miss the feeling of love I always felt when she was in the same room. Carrie shared a lot in common with her Mom. Being the first form - being first isn't always easy. Helping to take care of the younger kids coming along and helping out all she could. They shared talents in music. Glenda loved to hear her play and was proud of her expertise. They shared the same artistic abilities to create beautiful things and arranging.

When we think of Glenda we think of - Her Piano favorite Heart Tones-singing In the Hollow of my Hand - Hold Thou my Hand - I have a Testimony. She enjoyed Hugs from her Grandkids, Long phone calls to her Mom each and every day, Dr. Phil show, and reading good books. We always had fun at our Sister Parties and keeping close as sisters. Her favorite people were her Mom and Dad.. besides Bruce. Her favorite saying was "Walk Tall - you are a daughter of God.

Glenda wrote the following as she was waiting for Bruce but I thought it appropriate at this time because the wording is as true today at this occasion as then.

"Having you so far away doesn't make me feel any different about anything. I still love you just as much as I ever did and I have fun thinking about you and waiting for you. This is just how I feel:


It matters not where I may go

Or whom I chance to see

You are the ONLY ONE on Earth

Who means so much to me.

I look at all the others and

I weigh them one by one

And you are still my DREAM of DREAMS

When all is said and done.

You are my inspiration and

My courage and my pride.

And my life is good and wonderful

When you are by my side.

I cannot think of others when

I know that you are here

Because you are my Angel and

Because I love you, dear.

I would not take the world and all

The other planets too

In place of what it means to me

To share my life with you.


And so my Sweetheart Darling..

I can think of nothing better

Than the years ahead with you;

Of walking down the Path of Life

And making dreams come true.

I can think of nothing sweeter

Than to have you by my side,

To cherish you forever

And in your heart abide.

There's a precious bit of heaven

In your eyes when're you smile

And it makes me very happy

Just to be with you the while.

I can hear the angels singing

When you whisper words of love,

And I thank my God in Heaven

For His precious gift of Love.


I could go on and on about us and the things we've done. There just aren't words to express everything that we have. I'd just like to say "Thank You" my Darling, for the "everthing's" you have done for me. You have made my life so meaningful, full of joy and happiness. I pray that our Father in Heaven will help us to make our dreams come true. Say your prayers for us Darling, and always remember that I'm, behind you in all you do. I'll always be right here waiting just for you. Things will be just as we've planned when you come home. Miss me just a little. Till then, I love you with all my heart and will always be Devoted to you.


Your Love



Glenda's life was one of love, she had many blessings, which she easily acknowledged and was grateful for. She had a strong faith and hope of the future - and although things seemed pretty tough at times - she always tried to do the best she could. She is very strong willed and had a lot of determination when it came to things that counted. She faced her hardest challenges with the same determination. She expressed to me how much she had learned with all her struggles of life of herself, her Bruce, and other people. She said that she would not trade this experience because this knowledge could be gained no other way. She appreciated all the loving friends who helped her out so much by dropping by and doing what was necessary at the time. She appreciated the care of her family, of the tireless efforts of Bruce on her behalf.

Each person in our lives is a gift to be cherished and appreciated for the time we have together.

Heavenly Father gave us a gift- and at this time of gift giving and receiving-let us not forget the greatest gift of all. The gift of Jesus Christ. It is through His sacrifice and His example to us that gives us a chance to always be together with our loved ones through out Eternity. This gift gives us:

Hope: To now that we will be reunited once again and have a relationship with those we love who are now waiting for us in Heaven

Determination: To keep trying to do our best- to live each day with the knowledge that if we are true and faithful- the blessings of Eternity are our to be as family. This is important on days such as this- We must resolve to follow Glenda's example and keep on... no matter what.

Glenda had a testimony of Jesus Christ. That He is her older brother, who loves her and has helped her through some very difficult times. She has born testimony to this and I feel it is important to say it today. Don't ever doubt this because she never did.

Glenda Loves her family... Her sweetheart and eternal companion Bruce, her children, Carrie Lynn, David, Darryn, and Kimberly. She cherished her grandchildren Amanda, Victoria, Elizabeth, Kaycee, Preston, Kyle, Makayla and Ashley. Her sisters, Joyce, Diane, Bonnie, Marilyn and Sharlene and all her large extended family. All are important to her

We love you Glenda-- Thank you for setting such a beautiful example for us- We will miss you each and every day -

(Given by Diane C. Purser, Dec. 22, 2003 and written by her sisters.)





I see the countless Christmas trees, around the world below,

With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars, reflecting on the snow.


The sight is so spectacular, please wipe away the tear

For I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.


I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear

But the sounds of music can't compare With the Christmas choir up here


I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring

For it is beyond description, to hear the angels sing.


I know now much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart.

But Is am not so far away, we really aren't apart.


So be happy for me, dear ones, you know I hold you dear

And be glad I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.


I sent you each a special gift, from my heavenly home above.

I sent you each a memory of my undying love.


After all, love is a gift more precious than pure gold.

It is always most important in the stories Jesus told.


Please love and keep each other, as my Father said to do,

For I can't count the blessings or love He has for each of you.


So have a merry Christmas and wipe away that tear,

Remember, I am spending Christmas

With Jesus Christ this year.






Words by

C.S. Briggs.


The night comes on, my weary eyelids close;

The time draws near when I must seek repose;

I kneel to Thee, O Father of us all,

And pray that Thou will hear my pleading call.


Hold thou my hand, dear Lord, hold Thou my hand;

I do not ask to see, nor understand; Only that

Thou wilt be constantly near me,

Holding my hand, dear Lord, holding my hand.


My life goes on, some days are good, some ill;

O Father, let Thy loving presence fill Both day and night;

O hold me so I cannot fall, For Thou are Life and Strength, and All in All.


Hold Thou my hand, dear Lord, hold Thou my hand;

And when temptations come, help me to stand-

Constantly near to Thee, all shall be well with me

Holding Thy hand, dear Lord, holding Thy hand.


Hold Thou my hand, dear Lord, hold Thou my hand;

I do not ask to see, nor understand;

Only that Thou wilt be constantly near me,

Holding my hand, dear Lord, holding my hand.


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