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Caroline Ager Compton

Caroline Ager Compton was born January 19, 1865 in a very humble log cabin in Morgan, Utah a daughter of John and Caroline Coolbear Ager. The first twenty-four hours after birth was a struggle between life and death, then the tiny baby Caroline became stronger and well.

When she was a baby her mother put her on a blanket and left her lying on the ground while she picked hops. These plants were used to make yeast, drinks, and for medicinal purposes. When Caroline's mother turned around to check on her there was a large rattle snake crawling over her baby's face but it had not bitten her. As the snake slithered away, a very frightened mother grabbed her baby and quickly left the area so thankful her baby, Caroline had not been harmed.

In the summer time the Indians were quite numerous around Morgan. Sometimes quite a large group would pass through the valley.

When Caroline was a young baby her mother placed her in a cradle by the door of the log cabin to get a little sunshine. A few Indians came to the door and with grunts and motions asked for food. Her mother stepped inside the log cabin to find a bit of food. When she came out a couple of minutes later her baby and the Indians were gone. Desperately frightened she told her husband, "the Indians have stolen our baby". Her husband John ran after them, caught up with them and demanded they give him his baby. The Indians were angry but finally gave the baby back to her father and went on their way. How happy and thankful John and Caroline were to get their baby from the Indians and into their arms again.

This baby grew to womanhood, married George Compton and became my grandmother.

By Beth Smith Turner


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