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Life of John Cole

John Cole was born in Herefordshire, England on July 8, 1821. He was the son of William and Ann Fenner Cole. He joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with his father and mother and the following brothers and sisters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, William, Charlotte and Richard. They left England in September 1840.

His father died very suddenly while they were living in Nauvoo. After his fathers death his mother became homesick and dissatisfied and returned to England taking William, Charlotte and Richard. Richard crying at returning said, "I'll come back when I am a man."

Sarah Cole married a man by the name of Guswold and went to Michigan to live. While John, Elizabeth (well known as "Aunt Betsy") and Mary Cole Taylor came on to, Utah. On the same ship sailing from England was Thomas Jenkins and family. It was at this time that John Cole met Charlotte Jenkins who later became his wife in 1842. Their oldest child Rachel was born July 17, 1844 in Nauvoo. Their family consisted of six (6) sons and five (5) daughters.

Later in life John Cole married Mary Ann Cardon, widow of Bishop Alford Cardon. To them was born three (3) sons and one (1) daughter: John A. Cole born Jan. 31,1874, Edwin V. Cole born Oct. 19, 1878 and Richard Cole born ????? and Alice Cole born July 11, 1883.

While in England Grandfather was an Apprentice for seven years as a Wheelwright. This was his trade and no doubt had he remained in his native land he would have followed this line of work. Upon arriving in Nauvoo he obtained some land and built a small room near Uncle Jenkins for them to live. He raised grain, potatoes, and had a garden, in a short time they were comfortable. At times Grandfather was very dissatisfied for they were lacking means to make them as comfortable as they were in England. But Grandmothers steadfast devotion to her religion and encouragement and the love of Aunt Betsy, his sister, they were able to bridge him over the times of discontentment.

After they were driven from Nauvoo they went to Winter Quarters, what is now called Florence, Nebraska. They remained here one winter. It was here Charlotte J. was born on October 6, 1846 she was born in a covered wagon and lived only a few weeks. While living in Winter Quarters he in connection with John Robery worked a number of miles from home sawing lumber with a hand saw to make wagons and equipped themselves to come to Utah. During this time Grandmother took care of two yoke of oxen and two cows in connection with her home duties.

During their long journey across the plains Joseph J. was born on June 26, 1850 at Nebraska in a covered wagon, they arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 3, 1850.

In 1851 on January 1st found the little family moving to American Fork, Utah where they lived for eight or nine years and here prospered and made a home as in other places. Grandfather obtained some land and farmed raising hay and wheat. It was on this trip to American Fork that the family suffered intensely with cold. Grandfathers feet were badly frozen but they found good friends that administered to their comforts. While in American Fork the following children were born: Mary Elizabeth, December 13, 1852, Lydia Ann, October 5, 1854, John Heber November 18, 1857.

They went through all the trails of Pioneer Life. In 1858 he was called to go to the Echo Canyon to stand Guard during the trouble there, he responded willingly and was gone six weeks. He also made one or two trips back to meet the Hand-Cart Company with provisions for them.

In the year 1859 they moved to Willard, Utah where he purchased a farm from Ira Parks. In Willard the following children were born: Thomas Richard, November 9, 1859, George Amos, November 19, 1863, Sarah Melissa, April 22, 1866, and Robert Franklin, June 6, 1868. He prospered and became fairly well to do raising hay, grain, sheep and cattle.

Later in life John Cole married Helena Danielson and one daughter Ellen was born to them.

What he was called to do he willingly responded. John Cole and Wives were devoted to their religion. They were prompt tithe payers and were very ardent supporters of the principles of the Gospel, they have done much temple work.

John Cole died in Willard, Utah on May 20, 1909 at the age of 88 years. He was the father of sixteen (16) children.


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