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Amanda Jane Allred Hutchings Lewis

BIRTHDATE: 16 Nov 1842/3

DEATH: 15 Mar 1915

PARENTS: Isaac Allred

PIONEER: 2 Oct 1851

SPOUSE: William Burch Hutchings

MARRIED: 27 MAR 1857

DEATH SP: unknown




SPOUSE II: Neriah Robert Lewis

MARRIED: 20 JAN 1864

DEATH SP: 21 OCT 1913



Robert Charles, 10 Dec 1864

William Alma,1 Jun 1869

Augusta Louisa, 6 Mar 1869

Augusta Rebecca, 6 Mar 1869

Amanda Laura (Johannesen), 7 Aug 1870

Isaac Neriah, 27 Jan 1872

George Warren. 28 Sep 1874

Julia Etta (Merrill), 31 Dec 1876

Clarence Leroy, 29 Apr 1879

Nellie Pearl (Meeker), 16 Feb 1882

Lillie Virginial Mansering), 17 Oct 1884

Edna Violet (Guslafson), 6 Sep 1887

Amanda Jane was born in Illinois, 1842/3. She accompanied her family to Zion, leaving Kanesville, Iowa 29 Jun 1851 and arriving in Salt Lake City 2 Oct 1851 with an Independent wagon train captained by her father Isaac Allred. They came by ox-team. During the time of Johnston's Army, rumors circulated that young women would not be safe from the soldiers. The Authorities asked that young women be sealed to older, financially successful men, so there would not be a problem. Amanda was therefore sealed (married) to William Burch Hutchings 27 Mar 1857, the same day as another very young women, Eliza Stone. Amanda's marriage was later dissolved.

On 10 Jan 1864, at age 21, Amanda married Neriah Robert Lewis in Richmond Utah. They became parents of twelve children. The first ten of their children were born in Richmond. They moved to help settle Oxford, Bannock County, Idaho where their last two children were born. Neriah was called to Oxford to replace the first Bishop Wlliam F. Fisher).

In Oxford, under Amanda's care, the Lewis home became known for its beauty and as a center of culture for the pioneer town. As the wife of the Bishop, Amanda was called upon to serve often as the President of the ward Relief Society and to relieve sickness and need. She raised her daughters to carry on in this tradition.

Neriah passed away 21 Oct 1913 in Oxford. About 17 months later Amanda passed away in Oxford,, at age seventy-two.

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