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Mary Calvert Allred

BIRTHDATE: 19 Mar 1795

Elbert Co., Georgia

DEATH: 16 Sep 1851

Holladay, Salt Lake Co., Utah

PARENTS: John Calvert

Mary McCurdy

PIONEER: 24 Jul 1847

Brigham Young Advance Wagon

SPOUSE: Isaac Allred

MARRIED: 14 Feb 1811

DEATH SP: 13 Nov 1876

Spring City, Sanpete Co., Utah



Elizabeth Martin, 6 Jan 1812

John Calvert, Jr., Oct 1813

Nancy Seeks, Nov 1815

Sarah Lovisa, Nov 1817

William Moore, 24 Dec 1819

Reddick Newton, 21 Feb 1822 (twin)

Reddin Alexander, 21 Feb 1822 (twin)

Mary Caroline, 9 Dec 1824

James Riley, 28 Jan 1827

Paulinus Harvey, 21 Jan 1829

Joseph Anderson, 26 Apr 1831

Isaac Morley, 22 Jul 1835

Sidney Rigdon, 22 0ct 1837

Mary Calvert's ancestors had come to Virginia about 1608, settling in Maryland and Virginia with the colonists, founding the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Mary married Isaac Allred in 1811. They settled near Farmington, Tennessee, where Mary gave birth to their first four children. They attained some influence and financial affluence by the year 1818, and had attained a home in Nashville, Tennessee. Here, the next five children were born. The family moved from Tennessee and formed a settlement on the Salt River in Monroe, Missouri, which was known as the Allred Settlement. Most of the families accepted the gospel and were baptized in 1832 and 1833. In 1838, the family moved to join the body of the Saints who had been driven from their homes in Missouri and settled with them in Nauvoo,

Isaac, Mary, and their family were among the fifteen Allred families who fled when the Saints were driven from Nauvoo. They crossed the Mississippi River on the ice and escaped into the bleak surroundings of land with the faithful followers of President Brigham Young. They were overtaken in Indian Territory by some Army Officers who had been directed to get 500 men to participate in the Mormon Battalion. Several of the young boys joined the Mormon Battalion. Two of Mary's sons enlisted.

President Young selected Isaac Allred, his wife and family, with other brothers to go with him in the Advance Guard Wagon Company. They arrived in Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. Other members of their family had been left behind to raise crops and provide for themselves and lay up supplies for others in the long march West.

Mary Calvert Allred, mother of thirteen fine children, and a noble women, died September 16, 1851, in Holladay, Utah.


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