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Richard John Keele

Born: 7 Nov 1786, Henry Co., Virginia

Parents: John and Lydia (Nancy) Richmond Keele

Died: 17 Nov 1877, Mt Carmel, Kane, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 9 Sep 1853, Daniel E. Miller Co.


Married: Nancy Eleanor McCullough

Date: 18 Sep 1808, Bedford, Bedford, Tennessee

Born: 13 Apr 1788, Rockingham, Richmond, North Carolina

Parents: Thomas and Mary McCullough

Died: 11 Nov 1856, Payson, Utah, Utah


Richard, his wife, and some of the children moved to Nauvoo after joining the Church. When they came west, they traveled with their son-in-law, Jeremiah Bingham, their daughter Sarah's husband. Sarah had died previously. Richard' s youngest daughter married Jeremiah after Sarah's death.

After arriving in the Valley, Richard and Nancy moved to Payson where she died. Sometime after her death, Richard moved to Mt. Carmel where he died.

He was a farmer and was also a veteran of the Indian Wars.



MARY, b. 24 May 1810, Bedford Co, Tennessee.

JACOB, b. 6 Mar 1812, Bedford Co, Tennessee. D. 4 Jan 1830.

ELIZABETH, b. 18 Feb 1814, Bedford Co., Tennessee.

SAMUEL, b. 21 Jan 1816, Bedford Co., Tennessee. D. 5 Apr 1897.

JOHN, b. 18 Dec 1817, Bedford Co., Tennessee. D. 7 Apr 1847.

SARAH, b. 10 Apr 1820, Bedford Co., Tennessee. Md. 1846, Jeremiah Bingham. D. 8 Feb 1852.

ALEXANDER, b. 25 Feb 1822, Bedford Co., Tennessee. D. 18 Jul 1853.

RICHARD, b. 25 Mar 1824, Bedford Co., Tennessee. D. 11 Dec 1843.

DOBNEY UEL, b. 15 Sep 1826, Bedford Co., Tennessee. D. 21 Jul 1902.

THOMAS HENRY, b. 15 Aug 1829, Green Co., Illinois. D. 15 Jan 1915.

SUSAN, b. 15 Sep 1832, Green Co., Illinois. Md. Jeremiah Bingham, after 1852. D. 10 Mar 1859.


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