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Issac Allred

Born: 27 Jan 1788, Pendleton, South Carolina/Georgia

Parents: William and Elizabeth Thrasher Allred

Died: 3 Nov 1876, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 16 Oct 1849, Redick Allred drove lead wagon.


Married lst: Mary Calvert

Date: 14 Feb 1811.

Born: Unknown

Parents: John and Mary McCurdy Calvert

Died: 16 Sep 1851, Holladay, Salt Lake City, Utah


Married 2nd: Matilda Stewart (wid-Park)

Date: 5 Nov 1852

Born: 9 Sep 1808, West Gallantine, Sumner, Tennessee

Died: 23 Jan 1900, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah


Isaac Allred was the second son and fifth child in a family of eight children. Little is known of his early life. He married Mary Calvert and they moved near Nashville, Tennessee, where his brother James lived.

Apparently their first child, Elizabeth, was born while they were on the road, as she was born in Bedford County, Tennessee. They remained there until about 1830, when they moved north about 500 miles to Monroe County, Missouri. Isaac had a difficult time providing for his family, which by 1831 numbered 11 children.

About this time, the Mormon elders came into the life of Isaac and his family. He soon opened his home to them and meetings were held. Isaac was soon baptized on 10 September 1832 in the Salt River with other members of his family.

In 1832 or 1833, Isaac sold his farm for an intended move to Jackson County, but when the saints were expelled, he rented his home back from the buyer and remained there for a time. In 1835 he moved his family to Clay County, Missouri at the request of the Prophet. They suffered much because of persecution and exposure. Soon they moved to Quincy, where they settled down.

When the exodus from Nauvoo came, Isaac left with his family and had to wait on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River until his son Reddick returned from helping other saints move. Then he helped them move to Council Bluffs. Reddick and William, two sons, joined the Mormon Battalion. Isaac and family remained at Council Bluffs until the return of Reddick, then they moved to the Valley.

Isaac continued to have difficulty supporting his family. They lived in Cottonwood, where his wife died. He married again and raised her children plus one of their own. They moved to Kaysville, Utah, where they lived until his death.

Isaac was a convert, father of 14 children, had two wives, was involved in the persecutions of Missouri, crossed the plains, sent two sons with the Mormon Battalion, settled for a time in Spring City, Utah, Cottonwood, and eventually in Kaysville. He died in Spring City.


Children of 1st wife:

ELIZABETH MARTIN, b. 16 Jan 1812, Bedford, Tennessee. D. 11 Oct 1819, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee.

JOHN CALVERT, b. 5 Oct 1813, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 22 Aug 1833, Elizabeth Bates. D. 10 Jan 1893.

NANCY WEEKS, b. 4 Nov 1815, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 26 Feb 1843, Asa C. Earl. D. 9 Apr 1904.

SARAH LOVISA, b. 14 Nov 1817, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 5 Sep 1833, Allen Taylor. D. 11 Mar 1879, New Harmony, Washington, Utah.

WILLIAM MOORE, b. 24 Dec 1819, Farmington, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 9 Jan 1 842, Orissa Angelia Bates. D. 8 Jun 1 90 l, Fairview, Uinta, Wyoming.

REDICK NEWTON (twin), b. 21 Feb 1822, Farmington, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 26 Nov 1843, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, Lucy Hoyt. D. 10 Oct 1905, Chester, Sanpete, Utah.

REDDIN ALEXANDER (twin), b. 21 Feb 1822,, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 21 Dec 1843, Julia Ann Bates. D. 18 Jun 1900, Hubbard, Graham, Arizona.

MARY CAROLINE, b. 9 Dec 1824, Memphis, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 6 Dec 1840, Joseph Egbert. D. 29 Apr 1880, Kaysville, Davis, Utah.

JAMES RILEY, b. 28 Jan 1827, Bedford, Tennessee. D. l4 Apr 1871, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah.

PAULINUS HARVEY, b. 21 Jan 1829, Farmington, Bedford, Tennessee. Md. 3 Feb 1848, Melissa Isabel Norton. D. l9 Nov 1900, Lehi, Utah, Utah.

JOSEPH ANDERSON, b. 26 Apr 1831, St. Role, Monroe, Missouri. Md. 1 Jan 1851, Rhoda Ann Palmer. D. 29 Sep 1891, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah.

ISAAC MORLEY, b. 22 Jul 1833, Salt River, Monroe, Missouri. Md. 11 Feb 1844, Charlotte Henderson. D. 27 May 1916, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah.

SIDNEY RIGDON, b. 22 Oct 1837, Caldwell, Missouri. Md. 13 May 1860, Lucy Ann Allred. D. 22 Nov l911, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah.


Children of 2nd Marriage:

MATILDA, b. 12 May 1853, Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake Utah. Md. 11 Dec 1871, John Robinson.

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