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Mary Anne Parkin Aldous


George Parkin, 30 Oct 1836

Georgiana Marie, 5 Aug 1838

Charles, 9 Apr 1840

Robert Fredrick, 18 Feb 1842

Angelina Theresa, 27 Dec 1843

Henry Parkin, 21 Jan 1846


BIRTHDATE: 9 Nov 1814

Boston, Lincolnshire, England

DEATH: 21 Apr 1892,

Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah

PARENTS: Luke Parkin

Ann Hancock

PIONEER: 14 Sep 1853

Wagon Train Company

SPOUSE: Robert F. Aldous

MARRIED: 24 Dec 1 835

Boston, London, England

DEATH SP: 24 Aug 1896

Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah

Born the seventh of nine children, Mary Anne was raised in an aristocratic family. Her father was an artisan, jeweler, gunsmith and cutler. While little is known of her early life, she was given the best available education for her day. She was taught to be very proper in her language.

When she married a carpenter, her parents thought she had married beneath her, she should have married into royalty. Mary Anne and her children were well provided for.

After being convinced of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mary Ann and her husband were baptized, December 29, 1849. About six months later Mary Anne had an opportunity to support her husband in his appointment as branch president and she continued to do so in spite of family opposition and social pressures.

Desiring to gather with the Saints, the Parkins sold their properties and sailed from Liverpool on the ship, "James Pennell," October 2, 1850. Mary Anne left most of her possessions behind with the exception of her silk dresses and a black bonnet trimmed with ribbons and violets which she wore to church and special occasions. As their ship approached a landing at the mouth of the Mississippi River, a terrible storm arose, driving the ship back into the gulf and disabling it. At the height of the storm, Mary Anne was about to be washed overboard when her son Charles threw his arms around his mother and held her until she regained her balance. A pilot boat assisted in the rescue of the ship so the Aldous family could arrange for passage up the Mississippi as far as St. Louis. They worked and saved for more than two years until they could outfit themselves for the journey across the Plains to Salt Lake City, Utah

After her husband assisted with various work in Salt Lake City for a time, they moved first to Ogden, then to Huntsville where they established a home. While her husband served in church and civic duties, Mary Anne managed her home. The family engaged in the dairy business. Mary Anne made cheese and sold cream from their home. She was frugal, wasting nothing in the managing of their affairs.

She enjoyed her grandchildren and enjoyed an active life, walking to the last days of her life. She suffered a stroke and passed away at seventy-eight.

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