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Lucy Haddon Voss

BIRTHDATE: 15 Sep 1815

Draycott, Warwickshire, England

DEATH: 11 Eeb 1879

Willard, Box Elder Co., Utah

PARENTS: William Haddon

Mary Bamett

PIONEER: 17 Oct 1862

Henry W. Miller Wagon Train

SPOUSE: Thomas Voss



DEATH SP: 11 Jan 1875

Willard, Box Elder Co., Utah



Edwin John, 19 Oct 1840

Mary Ann (Cordon Cole), 2 Aug 1842

Lucy Jane (McAvoy), 23 Apr 1845

Sara(Cordon), 11 Sep 1847

Phebe (Ford Ford), 14 Nov 1849

Eliza (Ward), 18 Feb 1852

Joseph, 5 May 1854 (died at age 1)

Alma Nephi, 8 May 1856

Margaret, 9 May 1858 (died at 2 months)


Lucy was born at Draycott, Warwickshire, England. She married Thomas Voss in 1839, moving to Rugby, Warwickshire, England. Here she had six of her nine children.

The family heard the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being taught by Alfred Cordon, and were baptized in 1851.

Lucy's mother, Mary Barnett had purchased her ticket and made her plans to sail to America, but became very ill and died. Her ticket was given to Lucy, so she and Lucy, Thomas and four of their children sailed for America on a sailing vessel called the "Emerald Isle." They left two of their children in England with relatives, Edwin John and Mary Ann.

The family was on the ocean six weeks, landing in New York in December 1855. Instead of going directly to Utah as most of the church emigrants did, the family stopped on in Williamsburg, New York. Here they had two sons, and then a daughter was born while in Brooklyn, New York. Lucy worked in a store and also ran a boarding house to save enough money to take the family west to join the Saints. Two of her boarders were John R. Savage and Brother McKay.

In 1861, the family traveled by train to Florence, Nebraska. They remained in Florence for seven weeks while the waited for a teamster to get ready to make the journey to Utah. The family joined the Henry W. Miller's ox-train at Florence, Nebraska. They walked most of the way and waded all streams except the Missouri River. During their journey most of their belongs were destroyed by fire, leaving them quite destitute. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on October 17, 1862. William Haddon, Lucy's brother, met them and took the family to his home in Rockport, Utah (near Coalville).

After their arrival they went to Huntsville, Utah where they spent a year with the family of the Brother McKay who had been one of their boarders. He was President David O. McKay's father.

Thomas went into the Bear Lake country and acquired land to build a home for his family. When they received word that their daughter, Mary Ann, was arriving in Salt Lake with the next company arriving in the fall. She was traveling with Lucy's sister and family, Jane Haddon Lines.

They went to Salt Lake to meet them, and on the way back they stopped in Willard, with Bishop Alfred Cordon, the missionary who had helped convert them in England. Bishop Cordon thought it was too late in the season to try to go to Bear Lake and build a house before cold weather set in, so he persuaded them to remain in Willard, trading their property in Bear Lake for property in Willard, which they did.

The following year, Mary Ann married into polygamy and the fourth wife of Alfred Cordon, and in 1867 Sarah married Alfred's son by his first wife, Edwin Parker Cordon.. Most of Lucy's children lived and died in the in the Willard area, and so that is where Lucy and her husband Thomas stayed.

Lucy passed away on February 11, 1879 and is buried in Willard, Box Elder County, Utah.

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