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Jeremiah Bingham

Bom: 15 Jun 1806, Cornwall, Addison, Vermont

Parents: Jeremiah and Mary Ives Bingham

Died: 6 May 1890, Payson, Utah, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 9 Sep 1853, Daniel A Miller & John W. Cooley Co.


Married 1st: Abigail Harrington

Date: 2 Feb 1829, Brockville, Leeds, Ontario, Canada

Born: 25 Jan 1812, Younge, Leeds, Ontario, Canada

Died: 8 Jun 1843


Married 2nd: Sarah Keele

Date: 15 Feb 1846

Born: 10 Apr 1820, Bedford, Bedford, Tennessee

Died: 8 Feb 1852, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa


Married 3rd: Susan Keele

Date: abt 1858

Born: 15 Sep 1832.

Died: l0 Mar 1859, Payson, Utah, Utah


Married 4th: Minerva Dixon

Date: abt 1855

Born: 13 Nov 1826

Died: 2 Oct 1912


Married 5th: Mary Reese

Date: 27 Mar 1857

Born: 4 Sep 1833

Died: 27 Sep 1868

Jeremiah was the youngest of 10 children. After the Revolutionary War, his parents were unable to support their large family so some of the children were "bound out," as it was called. Jeremiah was bound out to a man who was very unkind to him. He remained there until he could no longer tolerate the abuse and he ran away. He went to live with one of his brothers.

After joining the Church, he married Abigail Harrington. She had six children but only two of them lived. He was a close friend of the Prophet, being about the same age. They both enjoyed wrestling together.

When the saints left Nauvoo, Jeremiah and his family left too. His first wife had died so he married again in Iowa. She died after the birth of their fourth child. He later married Susan, a sister to Sarah.

Jeremiah was a blacksmith by trade and each night on the trip west, he would repair the wagons and do other blacksmithing jobs.

After arriving in Utah, they settled first in Ogden, then a year later moved south to Payson where he assisted in building the fort. In 1856 he was called on a mission to help settle Fort Bridger, Wyoming. They stayed there until Johnston's Army came, at which time they returned to Payson.

Shortly before their return to Payson, Alexander Keele, a brother-in-law of Jeremiah, had been killed by the Indians, leaving a small family. When Jeremiah arrived in Payson, the bishop asked him to marry the widow, Minerva, and support her and her children. He lived a long active life, helping others and the church.


Children of 1st wife:

PERRY CALVIN, b. 1830, D. Child.

AMOS OSCAR, b. 1832, D. Child

CLARINDA, b.1834,

LUCINDA, b. 24 Sep 1837. D. 14 Mar 1905.

MARGARET MELVINA, b. 7 Nov 1840. D. 8 Apr 1926.

POLLY, b. 1842. D. Child.

JOHN, b. 1843. D. abt 1843. Child.


Children of 2nd wife:


JEREMIAH, b. 10 Jun 1847. D. 14 Jan 1898.

ABIGAIL, b. 19 Aug 1848.

SARAH ELLENOR, b. 15 Apr 1850. D. 9 Apr 1936.

AUGUSTUS, b. 8 Feb 1852. D. Infant.


Children of 3rd wife:

ALPHEUS, b. 19 Feb 1859. D. 20 Sep 1927.


Children of 4th wife:

JOSEPH HUVVY, b. 8 Jan 1856. D. 14 Jan 1943.

MELINDA SARAH, b. 14 Feb 1859. D. 7 Sep 1902.

MINERVA JANE, b. 22 Sep 1862. D. 24 Mar 1949.

CHARLES RICHARD, b. 10 May 1865. D. 20 May l910.

MARY LOUISE, b. 30 Jan 1868. D. 10 Oct 1868.

ALONZA, b. 11 Feb 1869. D. 23 Sep 1869.


Children of 5th wife:

HYRUM, b. 19 Feb 1858.

SUSAN COLISTA, b. 6 Feb 1860. D. 3 Jun 1922.

GEORGIANA, b. 19 Oct 1862.

JAMES PERRY, b. 7 Sep 1864. D. 1 Sep 1873.

MARY LARINA, b. 8 Oct 1866.

JAMES, Indian boy, raised by the family.

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