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Sanford Bingham

Born: 3 May 1821, Concord, Essex, Vermont

Parents: Erastus and Lucinda Gates Bingham

Died: 22 Nov 1910, Ogden, Weber, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 18 Sep 1847, Daniel Spencers Co.


Married: Martha Ann Lewis

Date: 18 Jul 1847, On banks of Platte River, Nebraska

Died: 18 Nov, 1898, Riverdale, Weber, Utah

When Sanford was about three years old his parents moved to Littleton, New Hampshire. In 1830, they moved back to the old farm in New Hampshire. In the spring of 1833, his father first met the missionaries. Later on when the missionaries again returned to the area, after due investigation, his parents and a daughter were baptized. Sanford was baptized a few days later.

In 1836, his father sold their farm and they started west. They arrived in Kirtland, where they stayed until fall. Then they went on to Missouri where he selected a site about 1-1/2 miles from Far West. They lived there until 1839 when they moved not far from Nauvoo. They rented there until 1845 when his father purchased a farm about 20 miles from Nauvoo. They were not long there until persecution became so great that they, along with many others, sold what they could, packed up and left with the other saints.

They wintered in a place called Swift Water, a tributary of the Missouri River. It was shortly after this that he and Martha Ann were married by Parley P. Pratt, on the banks of the Platte River. When they arrived in the Valley, they lived in the fort for a time.

He had club feet, which gave him problems. When he was 24, they started to attempt to straighten them. It was more than two years before he could walk without crutches or a cane. He continued to herd cattle in the area of Bingham Canyon. They eventually moved to Ogden where they remained for awhile before moving back down to the Bingham area .

He was eventually arrested for polygamy and spent time in prison. He did some farming, and was appointed to various community positions. He served as bishop, missionary, and patriarch. He was much loved and respected by everyone.


SANFORD, b. I Sep 1848.

MARTHA ANN, b. 29 Jan 1850.


JOHN, b. 30 May 1853.

SOPHIA CORDELIA, b.30 Dec 1854.

WILLIAM, b. 16 Oct 1856

JOANNAH, b. 28 Aug 1858.

JOSEPH SMITH, b. 23 Jun 1860.

ELISHA ERASTUS, b. 25 Mar 1862.

REBECCA JANE, b. 7 Nov 1864.

LORIN BEASON, b. 16 Sep 1866.


LEONARD RYON, b. 10 Mar 1871.

LEWIS, b. Apr 1872.

MARY FRANCES, b. 18 May 1873


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