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Erastus Bingham

Born: 12 Mar 1798, Concord, Essex, Vermont

Parents: Elisha Warner and Sally (or Sarah) Perry Bingham

Died: 2 May 1882, Lynn, Weber, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 19 Sep 1847, Daniel Spencer's 100


Married I st: Lucinda Gates

Date: 12 Mar 1820

Born: 19 Sep 1797, Ackworth, Cheshire, New Hampshire

Parents: Thomas and Patty Plumley Gates

Died: 3 Jan 1874, Ogden, Weber, Utah


Married 2nd: Mehitable Sawyer Hall

Date: 11 Sep 1857


Married 3rd: Emma Nye Wilson

Date: Dec 1862

Erastus was baptized in November 1833 at St. Johnsburg, Vermont, as a direct result of early Church missionary work in New England. With his wife and family and others, he traveled to Far West, Missouri, arriving the 4th of November 1836. After the Extermination Order, the Bingham family moved to Hancock County, Illinois, where they rented a farm between Carthage and LaHarpe. They remained there until the spring of 1845. After the martyrdom of the prophet, Erastus moved his family about 20 miles from Nauvoo. After his crops were harvested he worked to help complete the Nauvoo Temple.

In January 1846, Erastus Jr., one of Erastus' older sons, was chosen to go west with an advanced group to make roads and build bridges to prepare the way for the coming saints. The rest of the family set out on the 6th of May.

Erastus Bingham was made Captain of one hundred. When the call came for volunteers for the Mormon Battalion, two sons and a son-in-law volunteered, Erastus Jr., Thomas, and Elijah Norman Freeman. Erastus had the care of the families of these men. They traveled until they arrived at Loop Fork on the Platt River, where they received a message that they should not go further because of the approaching winter and hostile Indians. Bishop Miller, one of the men of the camp, decided to go on anyway because some Indians encouraged them. Erastus tried to deter them. Half the Company remained with him, while Miller pushed on. After loosing much stock and having other problems, they returned.

In the spring, Erastus and his family returned to Council Bluffs. He was choosen to help obtain wagons and supplies for the journey west. They finally started out again.

They arrived in the Valley in September 1847. Erastus built a log house. In the spring he was allotted a farm in the Holladay area.

Later he acquired a grazing permit in Bingham Canyon. In 1851, Erastus was made bishop of North Ward (Weber Stake). He remained here for 17 years. They then moved to a spot north of the Ogden River. He always remained active in the church and community.


Children of 1st wife:

MARY, b. 1 Apr 1820.

SANFORD, b. 3 May 1821.

ERASTUS JR., b. 30 Sep 1822.

THOMAS, b. 19 Jul 1824.

LUCINDA, b. 15 Apr 1826.

MARIA LOUISA, b. 23 Jun 1828.

WILLARD, b. 19 Feb 1830.

EDWIN, b. 5 May 1832.

JACOB, b. 23 Aug 1834.

BRIGHAM HEBER, b. 15 Dec 1841.


Children of 3rd wife:

WARNER, b. 12 Sep 1863.


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