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Jone Cole

Born: 19 May 1820, Parish of Bishops Frome, Hereford, England

Parents: William and Ann Fenner Cole

Died: 20 May 1909, Willard, Box Elder, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 6 Oct 1850, Gardiner Snow, Capt


Married lst: Charlotte Jenkins

Date: 1843, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois

Born: 9 Aug 1824, Mathon, Worcester, England

Died: 13 Oct 1906, Willard, Box Elder, Utah


Married 2nd: Mary Ann Voss (Cordon) widow.

Date: 1873, Willard, Utah

Born: 12 Aug 1842, Rugby, Warws, England

Died: 8 Mar 1884, Willard, Utah


Married 3rd: Helena Gustava Andersson (Danielson) widow

Date: abt 1886.

Born: 5 Apr 1843, Hallingberg, Kalmar, Sweden

Died: 20 May 1929, bur. Willard, Utahl


John first heard the gospel from Wilford Woodruff at the time of his great mission to England. He was baptized with his parents. His education was limited; he only attended school until he was eight. After that, he worked in the fields with his father. At the age of 10, he was apprenticed as a wheelwright until he was 15, often working 12 to 14 hours a day.

He and his family emigrated in the second company to cross the ocean. The family settled in Nauvoo where John married. His father died suddenly and his mother took her three younger children back to England with her.

John and his wife traveled to Winter Quarters in 1846, where they lived for a year. They then moved to Kanesville, Iowa, and lived there four years. Life was difficult for them, but his wife's spiritual strength kept him going. Finally, in 1850, they joined the Snow Company and came west. They settled in American Fork where they helped build a fort.

He fought in the Walker Indian War. In 1856, he answered the call to help the stranded handcart company. He was a guard in Echo Canyon. In the spring of 1859, he moved his family to Willard, Utah, where John became a wealthy farmer. He helped establish the Mercantile Association. He took three more wives. He was a trustworthy citizen and an honest man.


Children of 1st wife:

RACHEL, b. 17 Jul 1844, Nauvoo, Illinois.

CHARLOTTE, b. 6 Oct 1846, Florence, Nebraska.

WILLIAM EDWARD, b. 3 Jul 1848, Nebraska.

JOSEPH J., b. 26 Jun 1850, Nebraska Territory.

MARY ELIZABETH, b. 13 Dec 1852, American Fork, Utah.

LYDIA ANN, b. 5 Oct 1854, American Fork, Utah. Md. 1872,

Edwin H. Bronson. D. 22 Aug 1916, Preston, Franklin, Idaho.

JOHN HEBER, b. 18 Mar 1857, American Fork, Utah.

THOMAS RICHARD, b. 9 Nov 1859, Willard, Utah.

GEORGE AMOS, b. 19 Nov 1863, Willard, Utah.

SARAH MELISSA, b. 22 Apr 1866, Willard, Utah.

ROBERT FRANKLIN, b. 6 Jun 1868, Willard, Utah.


Children of 2nd wife:

JOHN ALFRED, b. 31 Jan 1874, Willard, Utah. Md. 1st, 28 Feb 1895, Almyra Ellie Nelson. Md. 2nd, 21 Nov 1901, Jane Millington. D. 26 May 1958, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

RICHARD, D. 15 Feb 1875, Willard, Utah.

RICHARD, b. 15 Sep 1876, Willard, Utah. D. 15 Feb 1878, Willard, Utah.

EDWIN VOSS, b. 19 Oct 1878, Willard, Utah. Md. 19 Mar 1901, Olla Rebecca Owens. D. 19 Mar 1901, Brigham City, Utah.

ALICE HADDAN, b. 11 Jul 1883, Willard, Utah. Md. 12 Apr 1905, Joseph Emil Poulsen. D. 10 Jan 1957, Idaho Falls, Idaho.


Child of 3rd wife:

ESTHER ELLEN, b. 1 Aug 1887, Willard, Utah. Md. Joseph Young. D. 13 Mar 1907.

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