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Alfred Cordon

Born: 28 Feb 1817, Liverpool, Lancs, England

Parents: Sampson and Myrah Hampson Cordon

Died: 13 Mar 1871, Willard, Box Elder, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 1 Oct 1851, James W. Cummings, Capt.


Married 1st: Emma Parker

Date: 19 Dec 1836, Burslem, Stafford, England

Born: 24 May 1819, Burslem, Stafford, England

Died: 28 Apr 1898, Willard, Box Elder, Utah


Married 2nd: Emily Maria Pridmore

Date: 21 Mar 1856, Salt Lake City, Utah

Born: 30 Mar 1828, Coventry, Warwick, England

Died: 15 Nov 1894, Willard, Box Elder, Utah


Married 3rd: Rebecca Eleanore Collins-No known children

Date: 17 Dec 1864


Married 4th: Mary Ann Voss

Date: 22 Apr 1865, Salt Lake City, Utah

Born: 2 Aug 1842, Rugby, Warwick, England

Died: 8 Mar 1884, Willard, Box Elder, Utah


Alfred was an apprentice in pottery. His parents were potters also. After his marriage and the death of his first child, he heard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and was baptized immediately. He helped spread the gospel through his work while in England. In 1840, Heber C. Kimball urged him to quit his work and become a full-time missionary, which he did.

In 1842 he brought his family to America and settled for a time in Nauvoo. He was called on another mission in 1844 to Vermont. After the martyrdom, the family moved to Burlington, Iowa, where a branch of the church was organized. They had planned to go west with the saints, but Orson Hyde called Alfred on a second mission to England. He did missionary work with many of the twelve apostles when they were there. He returned home and brought his family west.

Alfred dedicated the southwest cornerstone of the Salt Lake Temple in 1853, attended the Brigham City School of the Prophets, and was bishop for 20 years. He kept journals most of his life.


Children of 1st wife:

ELIZABETH, b. Jun 1838, Burslem, England. D. 24 Feb 1839.

GEORGE, b. 1 Jan 1840, Burslem, England. D. l Jan 1840.

EDWIN PARKER, b. 7 Oct 1841, Burslem, England. Md. 14 Dec 1867, Sarah Voss. D. 1 Jul 1929, Willard, Utah.

RACHEL ANN, b. 24 Jan 1844, Nauvoo, Illinois. Md. 1st, 24 Jul 1861, William Ward. Md. 2nd, 15 May 1879, Robert W. Herold. Md. 3rd, 4 Nov 1888~ Alfred H. Brandow. D. 21 Oct 1911, Willard, Utah.

EMMA, b. 17 Apr 1846, Nauvoo, Illinois. Md. 27 Jan 1865, William Lowe. D. 10 Nov 1935, Willard, Utah.

ALFRED, b. 19 Dec 1847, Burlington, Iowa. D. May 1848, Burlington, Iowa.

ADELAIDE AMELIA, b. 22 Feb 1849, Burlington, Iowa. Md. 25 Dec 1865, George Meears. D. 9 Nov 1914, Salt Lake City, Utah.

MYRA GREEN, b. 25 Sep 1851, Green River, Wyoming. D. Mar 1852.

WINN HENRY, b. 1852, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1853, Salt Lake City, Utah.

MARY FRANCES, b. May 1854, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1862, Willard, Utah.

CHARLES EDWARD, b. 11 Feb 1856, Brigham City, Utah. D. 1 Dec 1877

ELIZA ALMIRA, b. 23 Feb 1858, Willard, Utah. Md. 8 Jan 1880 Joseph Toombs. D. 8 Jul 1926, Willard, Utah.

SARAHJANE,b. 10Aug 1860, Willard, Utah. Md. 27 May1880 Peter R. Shupe. D. 10 Jun 1925, Ogden, Utah.

IDA VICTORIA, b. 2 Oct 1 862, Willard, Utah. Md. 10 Nov 1881, David Hubbard. D. 28 Jan 1919, Jerome, Idaho.


Children of 2nd wife:

HARRIETELIZA, b. 8 Sep 1858, Willard, Utah. Md. 7 Oct 1874, James J. Chandler. D. 21 Nov 1936, Rigby, Idaho.

GEORGE ALBERT, b. 3 Nov 1860, Willard, Utah. Md. 15 Dec 1881, Sally Agnes Call. D. 26 Sep 1944, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

ARTHUR EDMUND, b. 21 Dec 1864, Willard, Utah. Md. 14 Jan 1886, Mary J. Whitaker. D. 23 Jun 1914, Rigby, Idaho.

HORACE HERBERT, b. 28 Sep 1867, Willard, Utah. Md. 5 Apr1889, Sarah E. Cole. D. 4 Jun 1951, Ogden, Utah.


Children of 4th wife:

RALPH ROLAND, b. 23 Feb 1866, Willard, Utah. Md. 17 Dec 1885, Annie S. Shumway. D. 28 Jul 1936, Victor, Idaho.

LUCY ELIZABETH, b. 4 Jan 1868, Willard, Utah. Md. 8 Jun 1887, JohnFrederick Owens. D. 8 Apr 1890.

PHOEBE ANN, b. 9 Mar 1869, Willard, Utah. D. 11 Dec 1879, Willard, Utah.

SALINA GENEVA, b. 6 Jan 1871, Willard, Utah. D. 30 Nov 1879, Willard, Utah.


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