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Neriah Lewis II

Born: 29 Apr 1816, Simpson County, Kentucky

Parents: Neriah and Mary Moss Lewis

Died: 22 Jul 1890, Richmond, Cache, Utah

Arrived in Valley: Oct 1851, James Cummings Co.


Married 1 st: Rebecca Hendricks

Date: Jan 1837, Simpson Co, Kentucky

Born: 23 Dec 1817, Simpson Co, Kentucky

Parents: Samuel and Rebecca Dorris Hendricks

Died: 1851, Salt Lake City, Utah


Married 2nd: Martha Catherine Youngblood

Date: 28 Mar 1857, Salt Lake City, Utah


Born: 15 Dec 1836, Perry Co., Alabama

Parents: John and Edna Neal Youngblood


Neriah and his wife, Rebecca, took two of the orphan children of his brother Benjamin to raise. When Rebecca's brother Allen and his wife died, they took two of their children also.

Upon their arrival in Salt Lake, Rebecca died and so Neriah's brother Beason and his wife took all four into their home to be with their own brothers and sisters, making 14 foster children they cared for.

Neriah and five of his brothers joined the Church: Beason.

Neriah, Tarleton, Benjamin, and David. Neriah went to Cache

Valley to help settle that area. In 1868 he moved his family there and built a rock home. He used logs from the fort for his barn.

He was known for his strength as well as his kind and sensible disposition. He served in many positions in the church and helped in the community. He taught his children well, and his three sons from Rebecca served a total of 92 years as bishops.


Children of 1st wife:

WILLIAM HENDRICKS, b. 14 Oct 1837, Carlinville, Illinois Md. 1st, Oct 1856, Martha Narcissa Petty. Md. 2nd, 12 April 1869, Eda Elizabeth Standage. D. 5 Sep 1905.

BENJAMIN MARIAN, b. 20 Mar 1841, Carlinville, Illinois. Md. 27, Apr 1862, Barbara Young Crockett. Md. 2nd, 15 Jul 1865 Eliza Ann Jenks. Md. 3rd, Barbara D. 20 Aug 1826, Logan Utah.

NERIAH ROBERT, b. 10 Mar 1843, Carlinville, Illinois. Md. Ist. 20 Jan 1864, Amanda Jane Allred. Md. 2nd, 22 Nov 1869, Caroline Hyer.

REBECCA LOUISA LEWIS, b. 18 Sep 1848, Pottawatomie Co., Iowa. D. 11 May 1862.


Children of 2nd wife:

ARZA, b. 15 Dec 1856, Farmington, Utah. Unmarried. D. l0. Jun 1927.

MARTHA ELLEN, b. 24 May 1859, Farmington, Utah. D. 6 Apr 1862. Child.

ORSON HYDE, b. 27 May 1861, Richmond, Utah. D. 1 Feb 1878.

LYDIA, b. 18 Nov abt 1863.

FRANCIS HYRUM, b. 15 Jan 1865, Farmington, Utah. Md. Mary Jane Bess.

WILLARD, b. 28 Apr 1866, Farmington, Utah. Md. Ellen Heywood Nutter.

EZRA, b. 18 Nov 1867, Farmington, Utah. Md. Sarah Ann Blake.

WILFORD, b. 25 Jul 1869, Farmington, Utah. Md. Georgina Lucinda Bess.

ALBERT EDWARD, b. 25 Mar 1872, Farmington, Utah. Md. Fannie Elizabeth Cottrell.

HATTIE ARMINTA, b. 12Feb 1878, Farmington, Utah.D. 14Jun 1881. Child.

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