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Neriah Robert Lewis

Born: 10 Mar 1843, Carlinville, Macoupin, Illinois

Parents: Neriah and Rebecca Hendricks Lewis

Died: 21 Oct 1913, Oxford, Idaho

Arrived in Valley: Oct 1851, James Cummings Co.


Married lst: Amanda Jane Allred

Date: 20 Jan 1864, Richmond, Utah.

Born: 16 Nov 1843, Hancock Co., Illinois

Parents: Isaac and Julia Ann Taylor Allred

Died: 15 Mar 1915, Oxford, Idaho


Married 2nd: Caroline Hyer-No Children

Date: 22 Nov 1869.

Neriah went with his father when the latter moved his home to Richmond, Utah. He helped his father with the farm work and the construction of his house.

He later worked as a teamster and operated a freighting outfit of his own as well as taking care of his farrn. In 1867 he quit freighting and devoted himself to building up his Richmond farm. At intervals he worked on the Utah Northern and Northern Pacific Railroads.

In 1882 he was called to be the bishop of the Oxford, Idaho, ward. His ranch was the finest in Oxford with excellent stock, a beautiful home, and fine farm. He was often encouraged to become involved in politics but refused, giving his reason that he needed the time for his work as a bishop. He believed in setting the right kind of example to his congregation.

Children of 1st wife:

ROBERT CHARLES, b. 10 Dec 1864. Md. Mary Ann Anderson.

WILLIAM ALMA, b. 1 Jun 1867. Md. 1st, Lydia Lauretta Howell. Md. 2nd, Mary Josephine Horrocks.

AUGUSTA LOUISE (twin), b. 6 Mar 1869. D. 6 Mar 1869. Child.

AUGUSTA REBECCA (twin), b. 6 Mar 1869. D. 20 Mar 1869. Child.

AMANDA LAURA, b. 7 Aug 1870. Md. 1st, Henry Isaac Johnson. Md. 2nd, George Howard Fisher.

ISAAC NERIAH, b. 27 Jan 1872, Md. Jennie Hunt.

GEORGE WARREN, b. 28 Sep 1874. Md. Florence E. Ewing.

JULIA ETTA, b. 31 Dec 1876. Md. Albert Marion Merrill.

CLARENCE LEROY, b. 29 Apr 1879. Md. Margaret Black.

NELLIA PEARL, b. 16 Feb 1882. Md. 1st, Ely Beckstead. Md. 2nd, Charles Andrew Meeker.

LILLIE VIRGINIA, b. 17 Oct 1884. Md. Herbert Warren Manring.

EDNA VIOLET, b. 6 Sep 1887. Md. Moses Gustaveson.

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