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Adam Sharp

Born: 18 Oct 1827, Clackmannonshire, Scotland

Parents:John and Mary Hunter Sharp

Died: 8 Mar 1890, Salt Lake City, Utah

Arrived in Valley: 28 Aug 1850, John Sharp Co.

Married: Janet Cook

Date: 1848, Clackmannan, Scotland

Adam joined the Church in 1848. He left the following year for America with his parents and brothers. In St. Louis, the men worked in the coal mines to earn money to purchase oxen and wagons so they could cross the plains. While in St. Louis his mother died of cholera.

Upon their arrival in the Valley, they settled in Salt Lake where Adam and his brothers, John and Joseph, carried on a freighting business with their father running from Salt Lake to Missouri. His father died in 1852.

At the time of the invasion by Johnston's Army, President Young needed a message sent to the U.S. Army Commander camped near the bumed Fort Bridger. He asked Adam and Joseph to deliver it. They reached their destination the next day despite stormy, snowy weather. They delivered their message and returned at 2 a.m. the next morning. They had covered 230 miles in 56 hours with only two meals and no sleep.

The brothers were stone masons by trade. They cut and hauled stone from Red Butte and Cottonwood Canyon for the construction of the temple, tithing house, tabernacle and other buildings. In 1861 Adam was given the job of delivering telegraph poles from Salt Lake to Rush Valley and Deer Creek.

In 1871, Adam moved his family to Vernon. He planted the first alfalfa in Vernon. In 1885 he moved his wife and youngest son back to Salt Lake where he died in 1890.



JOHN ADAM, b. 27 Jun 1850, near So. Platte River, Nebraska. D. 1916.

DAVID, b. 31 Dec 1851, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1925.

ELIZABETH, b. 24 Nov 1853, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1882.

MARY ANN, b. 21 Jan 1856, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1934.

JANET, b. 27 Dec 1858, Salt Lake City, Utah. D.1858. Child.

JEANETTE, b. 5 Oct 1859, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1938.

ADAM, b. 4 Jan 1862, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1866. Child.

JOSEPH, b. 21 May 1864, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1866. Child.

AGNES, b. 16 Sep 1866, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1868. Child.

ISOBEL, b. 22 Apr 1869, Salt Lake City, Utah. D. 1869. Child.

ADAM, b. 31 Mar 1872, Vernon, Tooele, Utah. D. 1949.


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