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Sally Maria Barber Wilder Thompson Bingham

BIRTHDATE: 13 Apr 1811

Marcellus, Onandaga, New York

DEATH: 16 Feb 1891

Ogden, Weber Co., Utah

PARENTS: Alexander Barber

Rachel Kilburn

PIONEER: 2 Oct 1852

Uriah Curtis Wagon Company

SPOUSE I: Austin wilder

MARRIED: 18 Jan 1829

Elba, Genesee Co., New York

DEATH SP: 18 Sep 1834

Elba, Genesee Co., New York



Hannah Austin (died as a child), 11 May 1835


SPOUSE II: Charles Thompson

MARRIED: 6 Apr 1841 Barry, New York

DEATH SP: Unknown


Julian (died as a child)

Laura (died as a child)


SPOUSE Ill: Erastus Bingham

MARRIED: 7 Apr 1853 (later divorced)

DEATH SP: 2 May 1882 Lynn, Weber Co., Utah

CHILDREN: unknown

Sally Maria was born in New York, 1811. Little is known of her early life. She married Austin Wilder in Massachusetts, 1829, at the age of seventeen, in Elba, New York. After only five years of marriage, her husband Austin died of cholera in September, 1834. Sally was expecting a baby at the time. The young widow gave birth to her daughter. Hannah, the following May.

It is not known how the young widow supported herself, but she was able to provide her with a good education. When her daughter was fourteen years old, the young Hannah was teaching school in Elba.

Sally was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, October 22. 1840. Sally was married for a brief time after her baptism, 1841 to 1844, to Charles Thompson, with whom she had two small daughters, who both died at a young age. The couple divorced in 1844.

In 1851, Sally and Hannah. Ieft Elva, New York, and traveled West. They stopped in Ohio for a season. The following spring, 1852, in company with Alfred B. Child and family, and others, they started for the Salt Lake Valley. On this journey, Hannah became acquainted with Warren G. Child and Hannah married shortly after arriving in Utah.

Sally settled in the Ogden and Riverdale areas near her daughter. In 1853, Sally was again married briefly to Erastus Bingham, as a plural wife. This marriage also ended in divorce.

In 1854. Sally Wilder, lived near or with her daughter in Riverdale for the rest of her life, passing away in Riverdale, a few months short of her eightieth birthday.


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