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Olive Hovey Freeman Bingham

BIRTHDATE: 8 Jan 1820

Waterford, Caladonia Co., Vermont

DEATH: 22 Jul 1905

Lewisville, Teton Co., Idaho

PARENTS: Isaac Farwell Freeman

Lydia Farr

PIONEER: 19 Sep 1847

Daniel Spencer Wagon Company

SPOUSE: Erastus Bingham,Jr.

MARRIED: ~9 Oct 1843

DEATH SP: 5 Apr 1906

Tucson, Pima Co., Anzona



Olive Louisa, 3 Oct 1844

Erastus Perry, 20 Mar 1846

Lucinda Maria, 1 Jun 1848

Lydia Roxena, 6 Jan 1850

Isaac Farwell, 20 Sep 1852 (died at age 1)

Mar,v Ann, 9 Feb 1854

Lorenzo Freeman, 7 Dec 1855

Diana, 17 Jul 1857

Ophelia Cedenia, 19 Aug 1859

Olive was a young girl when she and her parents joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her mother died when she was nine years old. She was married to Erastus Bingham, Jr. in Nauvoo, Illinois. on October 29, 1843, and was sealed to him on February 6,1 846.

They endured many trials while being driven from place to place by mobs and persecutors. At one time, their home was burned to the ground. They were separated a great deal during their early married life. Erastus was called to go ahead of the pioneer groups to build bridges, roads, and plant crops. Olive was left to make the trek across the Plains with her husband's parents. He was also called to go with the Mormon Battalion. Olive was very ill after the birth of her second child and had to be lifted in and out of the wagon. They camped with some friendly Indians during the winter of 1846/47, then started West again in May, 1847. On his way back from the Army, he helped build some log cabins before he started East to find his family. They met in Wyoming, and together arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, September 19, 1847

They lived in the Old Fort, then in Cottonwood. In 1849, her husband went on a mission to California for Brigham Young to search for gold near the Sacramento Valley. The gold was to be sent back to the Valley to help build Salt Lake Valley. When her husband returned, they moved to Ogden. When he was called to fight Johnston's Army, the Floods that winter destroyed their home. There were Indians to contend with, plus striving to raise enough food to survive, and finding enough fuel to keep them warm.

Olive was a very fine seamstress and helped to make the living by doing sewing. She was an expert in making straw hats. She also made hats from canvas. She was good at carding and spinning wool. She taught her daughters her skills, so they could also help her support the family. Olive's husband married a second wife in 1855. He built two separate homes for them. One house became flooded, so they moved to Huntsville where he built a double two-story home for them. Olive moved in with her married daughter in Moab, Utah. Later, she moved to Lewisville, Idaho, to live the rest of her life with another daughter, passing away at age eighty-five.


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