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Lucinda Gates Bingham

BIRTHDATE: 29 Sep 1797

Ackworth, New Hampshire

DEATH: 3 Jan 1874

Ogden, Weber Co., Utah

PARENTS: Thomas Gates

Patty Plumly

PIONEER: 19 Sep 1847

Daniel Spencer Wagon Company

SPOUSE: Erastus Bingham

MARRIED: 21 Mar 1820

Concord, Essex Co., Vemnont

DEATH SP: 2 May 1882

Lynn, Box Elder Co.. Utah



Mary, 1 Apr 1820

Sanford, 3 May 1821

Erastus Jr.. 30 Sep 1822

Thomas, 19Jul 1824

Lucinda, 15 Apr 1826

Maria Louisa. 23 Jun 1828

Willard, 19 Feb 1830

Edwin, 5 May 1832

Jacob, 23 Aug 1834

Brigham Heber, 15 Dec 1841

Lucinda married Erastus Bingham at Concord, Essex County, Vermont, March 21, 1820. She became the mother of ten children. She was talented in music and singing. She was an ideal mother and homemaker, very hospitable, and made each home into a palace.

In 1833, Lucinda, her husband, and children joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They sold their farm in Vermont and moved to Kirtland, Ohio, until late September, when they were forced to move to Far West, Missouri, November, 1836. They built a lovely log cabin which was large enough for their eight children. But again, they were driven out by mobs and they moved to Nauvoo. Her husband purchased a farm near Nauvoo and erected another comfortable home. She was privileged to receive her endowment in the Nauvoo Temple. She also passed through the persecution that was directed against the Saints and was driven from beautiful Nauvoo. They moved next to a place north of Winter Quarters where they wintered with the Ponca Indians at Swift Water and lived in their wagons and a wickiup provided by friendly Indians.

In the Spring of 1847, their family returned to Winter Quarters and purchased additional provisions, equipment and supplies. They joined the Daniel Spencer Wagon Company. They suffered the hardship of storms and early snowfall, but successfully arrived in Great Salt Lake Valley, September 19, 1847. She lived in Salt Lake City while the men of the family were farming and ranching in the Valley and near the mouth of Bingham Canyon.

Early in 1859, her husband was called by Brigham Young to leave his family and help make new homes in Weber County. In 1861, he moved Lucinda and the children into Bingham's Fort. Her husband served as Bishop and other responsible positions in state affairs. Lucinda was often called upon to administer to those who needed comfort, advice, and assistance, especially new emigrants who arrived in poor health and lacking resources.


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