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Agnes (Ann) Fife Bingham

BIRTHDATE: 14 May 1846

Clackmannan. Scotland

DEATH: 28 Oct 1921

Riverdale, Weber Co.. Utah

PARENTS: Adam Fife

Ellen Sharp

PIONEER: 23 Sep 1851

David Wilkie Wagon Train

SPOUSE: Sanford Bingham

MARRIED: 100ct IX63

Salt Lal;e City, Salt Lake. Utah

DEATH SP: 22 Nov 1910

Riverdale. Weber Co.. Utah



Martha Agnes. 25 Aug 1864

Adam Aranthan. 14 Nov 1865

Walter. 29 Apr I867

Ellen. 30 Mar 1869

Mary, 5 Jan 1871

Enoch, 12 Dec 1872

Margaret Ann. 22 Oct 1874

Sanford James. 2 Mar 1877

Andrew, 19 Jan 1879

Tracy Francis, 2 Aug 1882

Oscar, 18 Aug 1884

Norman Fife, 18 Sep 1886

Maria Louisa. 31 May 1895


In the spring of 1849, when Agnes was three, her family sailed for America. Cholera broke out on board the ship. Her sister was one of the deaths aboard the ship and was buried at sea. Her family lived at Winter Quarters for two years until they were prepared to cross the Plains with the David Wilkie Wagon Company. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1851.

Agnes lived for three years in Iron County where her father and mother were called to help settle. In 1856, Agnes and her family returned north and settled in Riverdale, Utah.

Agnes became the second wife of Sanford Bingham. The two families lived on adjoining lots in unity and with love for each other. Agnes was a good practical nurse. She sewed and was a wonderful cook. She had a cheerful disposition and was always willing to help others. Agnes served as counselor in the Riverdale Ward Relief Society Presidency for many years.

Agnes had many sorrows. She had a daughter die from a sleigh accident and two sons drown the day after Christmas. Her oldest daughter died in childbirth with her seventh child. Agnes took the baby to raise. Agnes never lost her faith in her Heavenly Father.

Agnes passed away peacefully in her sleep. At her funeral she was referred to as an "angel of peace."


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