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Maria Louisa Bingham Goodale

BIRTHDATE: 23 Jun 1828

Littletown. New Hampshire

DEATH: 31 Oct 1893

Ogden, Weber Co., Utah

PARENTS: Erastus Bingham

Lucinda Gates

PIONEER: 19 Sep 1847

Daniel Spencer Wagon Train

SPOUSE: Isaac N. Goodale

MARRIED: 17 Jan 1849

Salt Lake City. Salt Lake, Utah

DEATH SP: 26 Apr 1890

Ogden, Weber Co., Utah



Marie Mariah (Scoville), 26 Nov 1849

Louisa (Jones), 7 Feb 1851

Isaac, 30 Aug 1852

Newton, 03 Oct 1853

Joseph, 7 Dec 1854

Hyrum, 6 Jul 1856

Erastus, 8 May 1858

Electa, 4 Feb 1860

Lucinda (Scoville), 28 Sep 1861

Mary, 14 Apr 1863

Martha (Buswell), 10 Feb 1865

Joshua, 12 Nov 1866

Edith, 13 Mar 1869


Maria Louisa was born in Littletown, Grafton County, New Hampshire, in a family of eleven. Her father taught her to be honest, thrifty, industrious and religious. Her mother taught her the homemaking skills of cooking, spinning, weaving and making clothing.

Her family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and were to in the second group to leave Winter Quarters, June 17, 1847, and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

In her youth, she lived in Nauvoo, and during the time there, she states, "I remember well the Prophet Joseph Smith, and a sermon he preached to the Saints in Nauvoo on the subject of marriage. When the meeting was over and we returned home I asked my father to complete arrangements for me to go to the House of the Lord in Nauvoo, to be endowed with Father and Mother, as I greatly desired to receive the marvelous blessings which the Prophet described in his sermon."

She had a sweet singing voice, and as they camped while crossing the Plains she often lead the group in singing. It was on one such occasion that she first became acquainted with her future husband.

At the age of twenty, Maria Louisa married Isaac Newton Goodale, their marriage was preformed by Brigham Young. They became parents of thirteen children, she also reared two daughters of her husband's second marriage following the death of their mother.

In addition to her family responsibilities, she often fed the hungry, clothed poor, and was kind to the Indians. She served as president of the ward Relief Society for many years.

Isaac passed away in 1890 in Ogden, where they made their home. Maria was a widow for three years before she passed away in Ogden, at the age of sixty-five.


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