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Harold B. Lee Historical Summary

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Harold B. Lee, Historical Summary, viii


The following list is provided to summarize some of the milestones in his life that have most immediate relationship to his teachings.


1899, March 28:

Harold Bingham Lee born to Samuel Marion and Louisa Emeline Bingham Lee, Clifton, Oneida County, Idaho.


1907, June 9:

Baptized by Lester Bybee, Clifton, Idaho (8; numbers in parentheses show Harold B. Lee's age).


1912, fall:

Enters the Oneida Stake Academy, Preston, Idaho, with schoolmate Ezra Taft Benson (13).


1916, summer:

Enters Albion State Normal School, Albion, Idaho (17).


1916-17, winter:

Teaches at the Silver Star School, near Weston, Idaho (17).



Principal of the district school at Oxford, Idaho (18-21).



Missionary, Western States Mission, Denver, Colorado (21-23).


1923, summer:

Attends the University of Utah. He later finishes his degree by correspondence courses and extension classes (24).


1923, November 14:

Marries Fern Lucinda Tanner in the Salt Lake Temple (24).



Principal of the Whittier and Woodrow Wilson Schools, Salt Lake City (24-29).


1930, October 26:

Set apart as president of the Pioneer Stake, 1930-37 (31).


1933, November 7:

Elected to the Salt Lake City Commission; serves from 1933-37 (34).


1935, April 20:

First Presidency assigns Harold B. Lee to work out a program of relief for the needy (36).


1936, April 18:

Called as managing director of the Church security plan (later changed to Church welfare program) (37).


1939, April 16:

First storehouse on Welfare Square is completed in Salt Lake City (40).


1941, April 6:

Sustained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (42). Ordained on April 10, 1941.



Holds servicemen's conferences in Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, and Guam (55).


1958, August:

Tours South Africa and the Holy Land (59).


1960, March 27:

Organizes the first stake in Europe at Manchester, England (60).


1961, September 30:

At the direction of the First Presidency, announces plan for correlating all Church programs (62).


1962, September 24:

Death of Fern Lucinda Tanner, wife of Harold B. Lee (63).


1963, June 17:

Marries Freda Joan Jensen in the Salt Lake Temple (64).


1965, August 27:

Death of Maurine Lee Wilkins, daughter of Harold B. Lee (66).


1970, January 23:

Sustained as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and First Counselor to President Joseph Fielding Smith (70).


1972, July 2:

Death of President Joseph Fielding Smith (73).


1972, July 7:

Ordained and set apart as President of the Church (73).


1972, August 25-27:

Presides over area general conference in Mexico City (73).


1972, September 20:

Organizes the Jerusalem Branch at the Garden Tomb (73).


1972, October 5:

Worldwide welfare services program announced (73).


1972, October 6:

Sustained as President of the Church in a solemn assembly (73).


1972, December 14:

International Mission of the Church organized (73).


1973, March 8:

Organizes first stake on Asian mainland at Seoul, Korea (73).


1973, August 24-26:

Presides at the area general conference in Munich, Germany (74).


1973, December 26:

President Harold B. Lee dies in Salt Lake City (74).


1973, December 31:

End-of-year statistics: 3,321,556 members; 630 stakes; 4,580 wards; 108 missions; 17,258 missionaries; 15 temples.

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