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Historical Sketch of Niels Jensen

(by daughter Mrs. Olena Homer)

NOTE: Related by Neils Jensen to his daughter Olena On November 19, 1915 at her home in Farr West.

I was born December 7, 1840, in Sealand Village (Zealand or Lealand?) Denmark. Mother heard the Gospel in Denmark and was baptized in 1852. Father and I were baptized May 15, 1853, by Elder Knute Brown and confirmed by him on the same day.

I had eight brothers and sisters. Four died while young. Father, Mother and sister Metta and myself sailed from Copenhagan the latter part of December 1853 to England, and from Liverpool to New Orleans in the Ship "Benjamin Adams." Cholera struck the Company while on the Mississippi River and many died. Father and sister Metta died in Kansan, (Jim Larson always said near Florence Nebraska.) Mother and I finished the journey to Utah, I a boy of fourteen years. We crossed the plains in Perry Olson Company. The Company got wagons and oxen in Kansas. There were 69 wagons, about ten people to a wagon. We saw large heards of Buffalo and many Indains on the plains.

We arrived in Salt Lake City, strangers in a strange land, October 5, 1852 (?). I worked for Lorenzo Young for two weeks, received board for pay. I then worked for Claude Spencer for six months and received $8.00 per month. I then went to work for Niels Jensen, a potter, who was very good to me. I had a good home with him and learned the potters trade. In the Spring of 1855 the grasshoppers took nearly all crops. I dug roots, which mother cooked, but they did not staisfy our hunger. Brother Jensen owned a fish net which neighbors borrowed to fish on Utah Lake. They gave fish for the use of the net. I have made many meals on fish, which were suckers. For three months I was hungry for bread.

I married Johanna Sandberg April 21, 1860 in the Salt Lake Endowment House. We moved to Logan 1863 where I ran a Pottery Shop and a small farm. I was ordained a deacon as a boy and labored as Ward Teacher for 14 years. In 1868 failing health caused me to move to Trenton, Utah. I know outdoor work would be good for me and I had a 236 acre farm. I was ordained a high priest May 9, 1892 and set apart as first counselor to Benjamin Franklin Bingham. I filled that position until 1902 when we moved to Farr West, Weber County. I have done Temple Work for all names of all my relatives and my wife's also those names I have been able to get. I hope to be able to get more to do. My faith in the gospel has never wavered and may the Lord help to hold steadfast to the end.

Added by Olena Homer - - - My father passsd away April 6, 1917.

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