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Emma Christina Jensen Moore

This Life Sketch of Aunt Emma Moore Was Given At Her Funeral, April 24, 1959

Emma Christena Jensen Moore was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 12, 1862, daughter of Neils and Johanna Sandberg Jensen, who walked across the plains. They endured many hardships along with the many other pioneers who made the trek.

Emma was the eldest of nine children, so was a great help and comfort to her Mother. She often said, after Emma left home to work out, that she felt as though she had lost her right arm.

When Emma was two years old her parents moved to Logan, where her father operated a pottery shop for a number of years. As a child she remembered watching him mold the bowls and then bake them in a kiln. He made many articles so badly needed by the pioneers. They raised corn ao that they had plenty of corn meal, also sugar cane for molasses and they had a cow. There was a small orchard which aided greatly in making a more balanced menu for the family.

Emma told how she and a brother ate from the same plate and how she often pushed part of her food over on his side as she thought he needed it more than she, thus showing her unselfish nature even as a child. They had seven sheep that were sheared and the wool made into cloth by her mother.

Because of her father's failing health they moved to Trenton on a farm as he needed more out-door life. Emma was then 16 years of age. She was very unhappy in their new log cabin home and longed to be back to Logan. She was soon allowed to return to Logan and there she worked for the Thatcher family of ten. She earned two dollars a week, giving her wages to her family to assist in her way to buy a few things so badly needed. After two years she went back to Trenton to her family. There she met James Moore, who she married in Soda Springs, Idaho on May 25, 1881.

They lived in Gentile Valley two years, where their only son Frank was born. In 1885 they moved to Bear River Ranch, south of Sods Springs, then to Grays Lake.

On February 10, 1902 they adopted a daughter, Leona. September 17, 1923 they buried their son, Frank, he Leaving a family of seven children for the Mother to raise.

In 1921 they moved to Soda Springs where her husband died, May 25, 1929. She remained in Soda Springs until five years ago when she moved, with her daughter Leona, to Stevensville, Montana, where she passed away, April 21, 1959.

Grandma Emma Moore had been a source of joy to all of her family and friends. Her life has been one of service to others. She has a cheerful disposition, never complaining or finding fault. All her life she has kept busy, having pieced 89 wedding ring quilts, along with many other pieces of Art. When asked what she attributed her old age to, she replied, "Good Clean Living." Her mother always said, When you look at the faults of others, don't forget your own."

She lived to enjoy nine grandchildren, twenty-nine great-grandchildren and eighteen great-great grandchildren. She is also survived by two sisters, Matilda Horsley and Mary Bingham and one brother, Alfred Jensen.

She was deaf from the age of 18 years. She could read lips and you never had to repeat.


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