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Myrella Ann Cole Fife

Life Sketch of Myrella Ann Cole Fife

As read at her funeral June 29, 1971

Myrella Ann Cole Fife was born January 10, 1902, the daughter of Edwin Voss and Olla Owens Cole. She was the oldest child in a family of three girls and five boys.

Her father was a farmer all his life in various places. In 1910 they moved onto their homestead in Treasureton, Idaho where they underwent many of the trials of pioneer if they lived in a one room house on their homestead.

Much of the time their father would be gone on the header, thrasher or buying cream for a week at a time. Being the oldest girl she was responsible to see that the chores were done. The girls often herded cows carrying sharpened sticks to scare coyotes away or to keep the cows in the poorly fenced areas.

The little family spent many anxious hours if their father was late coming home through those lonely canyon roads, listening for the sound of his horse and buggy coming. Their faith and prayers were the only source of help through many serious cases of illness and anxious hours.

When only sixteen years old Rella's mother passed away in the flu epidemic in 1918 leaving Rella and two younger sisters the only source of comfort for a bereaved father. Rella took the place of Mother to her younger brothers. She soon went to work to help support the family. She was a telephone operator when she met Wilbert D. Fife. They were married January 30, 1924 in the Logan LDS Temple. To this union was born three sons and three daughters. They lived in Dayton Idaho until December 1938. Then they moved to Filer. In November 1947 they purchased a farm west of Jerome Idaho which their son Clare later bought. In 1958 they moved into town where they were living at the time of Rella's death.

Rella was a very devoted mother. She dedicated her life to the comfort and welfare of her family. Her children never knew what a baby-sitter was. When they were older she was always a wake waiting for them to come in and say goodnight.

She had so much compassion for others and their heartaches or troubles that she had little time to worry about herself. Few of us realized how sick she was these past few months.

She passed away Sunday, June 27, 1971 at 12:15 a.m. at the St. Benedict Hospital in Jerome Idaho.


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