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John Sharp Company (1850)




Arrival in Salt Lake Valley:

28 August, 1 September 1850

Company Information:

This small independent company left St. Louis in the spring and was one of the earliest to arrive in Salt Lake Valley.


Individuals Known To Have Traveled In This Company

Coray, Euphrina Serepa (infant)

Coray, Harriet Virginia Knowlton (3)

Coray, Howard (33)

Coray, Howard Knowlton (8)

Coray, Martha Jane (28)

Coray, Martha Jane Knowlton (6)

Coray, Mary Knowlton (2)

Coray, Mary Stephens (58)



Sharp, Adam (22)

Sharp, James (6)

Sharp, Jane Patterson (31)

Sharp, Janet Cook (22)

Sharp, Janette Condie (18)

Sharp, John (29)

Sharp, John (8)

Sharp, John (64)


Sharp, John Adam (infant)

Sharp, John C. (infant)

Sharp, Joseph (20)

Sharp, Margaret (4)




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