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Benjamin Hawkins Company (1850)



5 June 1850

Arrival in Salt Lake Valley:

9 September 1850

Company Information:
150 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Kanesville, Iowa (present day Council Bluffs).


Individuals Known To Have Traveled In This Company

Borum ( or Brown ), [Child] (Unknown)

Borum ( or Brown ), [Mr.] (Unknown)

Bracket, [Widow] (Unknown)

Clark, Charlotte (15)

Clark, Elizabeth (14)

Clark, John Haslem (7)

Clark, Mary Noddings (53)

Clark, Thomas (15)

Davis, Caleb Hersey (11)

Durfee, Abraham [or Abram] (23)

Durfee, Celestia Ann (2)

Durfee, Jabez (22)

Durfee, Mahala Ruth (infant)

Durfee, Nephi (14)

Durfee, Ursula Curtis (23)

Garner, David (32)

Garner, David Edmond (4)

Garner, Dolly Durfee (34)

Garner, Fanny Marilla (5)

Garner, Louisa Ann (6)

Garner, Mary Marinda (infant)

Garner, William Franklin (1)

Gifford, Alpheus (infant)

Gifford, Anna Nash (50)

Gifford, Deborah (54)

Gifford, Ichabod (30)

Gifford, James (19)

Gifford, Levi (13)

Gifford, Levi (60)

Gifford, Lora Ann DeMill (22)

Gifford, Samuel Kendell (28)

Goforth, [Dr.] Thomas Nelson (23)

Hawkins, Benjamin (47)

Johnson, Thomas Smith (32)

Johnson [or Jensen], Charles (Unknown)

Knight, Betsey Covert (35)

Knight, Ellen Rebecca (1)

Knight, Joseph, Jr. (42)

Knight, Martha Ann (17)

Knight, Mary Elizabeth (14)

Knight, Rhoda Caroline (11)


Lamb, Benjamin Rush (3)

Lamb, Elizabeth (2)

Lamb, John Isaac (6)

Lamb , Elizabeth Dubois (26)

Lambert, Adelia G. Groesbeck (28)

Lambert, John (30)

Lambert, John Carlos (1)

Lambert, Martha Adelaide (3)

Lee, Ann Eliza (1)

Lee, Eliza Ann Foscue (20)

Lee, John Percival (26)

Lee, John Rupert (4)

Lee, Sarah Lucinda (3)

McDonald, Eliza (18)

McDonald, James (48)

McDonald, Jane (23)

McDonald, John (16)

McDonald, Joseph Smith (7)

McDonald, Mary (11)

McDonald, Robert (12)

McDonald, Sarah Ferguson (47)

McDonald, William (15)

Mecham, Arza (11)

Mecham, Elvira (10)

Mecham, George Henry (1)

Mecham, Joseph (32)

Mecham, Joseph (5)

Mecham, Melinda Haskell (33)

Miner, Alma Lindsay (9)

Miner, Don Carlos Smith (7)

Miner, Matilda (10)

Miner, Mormon (12)

Miner, Moroni (15)

Miner, Orson (17)

Miner, Polly (18)

Miner, Tamma Durfee (37)

Nelson, Anna (3)

Nelson, Edmond (8)

Nelson, Edmond (50)

Nelson, Jane Taylor (45)

Nelson, Joseph Smith (11)

Nelson, Mark (6)

Nelson, Mary Jane (18)

Nelson, Price Williams (27)

Nelson, Thomas Billington (15)

Nelson, William Goforth (19)

Peacock, George (27)

Peacock, George Daniel (infant)

Peacock, Mary Isabelle (6)

Peacock, Sarah Elizabeth (3)

Peacock, Sarah Lowry (29)

Peacock, William Henry (8)

Richards, [Brother] (Unknown)

Ross, Isaac R. (12)

Ross, Melvin (39)

Ross, Permelia R. (8)

Ross, Rebecca (infant)

Ross, Rebecca (33)

Ross, Sarah J. (4)

Shirts, Don Carlos (13)

Shirts, Elizabeth Ann (2)

Shirts, George Washington (18)

Shirts, King Darius (16)

Shirts, Margaret Cameron (41)

Shirts, Peter (41)

Shirts, Sariah Jane (11)

Tracy, Austin Walter (4)

Tracy, Eli Alexander (16)

Tracy, Helon Henry (1)

Tracy, Moses (40)

Tracy, Moses Mosiah (11)

Tracy, Nancy Naomi Alexander (34)

Wilkinson, Allen (31)

Wilkinson, Fanny [or Frances] (10)

Wilkinson, John (7)

Wilkinson, Mary (4)

Wilkinson, Mary Ann Morris (31)

Wilkinson, Sarah (3)

Wyrick, Jake (Unknown)




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