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Joseph Horne Company (1861)



1-4 July 1861

Arrival in Salt Lake Valley:

13 September 1861


Individuals Known To Have Traveled In This Company

Joseph Horne Company (1861)

Bailey, Charles Ramsden (23)

Barlow, Abraham (infant)

Barlow, Ann Hulme (35)

Barlow, Edward (6)

Barlow, Elizabeth Ann (4)

Barlow, George Thomas (2)

Barlow, Thomas (38)

Barlow, Walker (10)

Brown, (Unknown)

Bryant, John (Unknown)

Burdett, Eliza (3)

Burdett, Emma Marie (10)

Burdett, Fannie (1)

Burdett, Maria Herbert (34)

Burdett, Mary Jane (7)

Burdett, Thomas (34)

Dadman, [Brother] (Unknown)

Davis, Esther (22)

Davis, William (Unknown)

Durfey, Henry Dennison (27)

Dye, [Brother] (Unknown)

England, Eliza Seamons (17)

England, William (23)

England, William Moroni (infant)

Foreman, Eliza Rebecca (22)

Foreman, Mary Ann Campbell (67)

Gray, James William (2)

Gray, Margaret Hudspeth (28)

Gray, Peter (30)

Gray, Peter Moroni (6)

Gray, Thomas (infant)

Griffin, William (Unknown)

Griggs, Charles Alfred (22)

Griggs, Charlotte Willis (42)

Griggs, Thomas Cott (16)

Hall, Mark (Unknown)

Hill, William John (23)

Holroyd, Anna Pugh (4)

Holroyd, Dinah Williams (46)

Holroyd, Elizabeth (2)

Holroyd, Ellen Taylor (11)

Holroyd, Hannah Sutcliffe (4)

Holroyd, Mary Hebden (14)

Holroyd, Robert William (12)

Holroyd, Thomas Edward (41)

Horne, Joseph (49)

Horne, Richard Stephen (16)

Hudson, [Brother] (Unknown)

Hughes, Annie Lloyd (1)

Hughes, Elizabeth Evans (28)

Hughes, Martha Maria (4)

Hughes, Mary Elizabeth (6)

Hughes, Peter (36)

Hymas, [Brother] (Unknown)

Kilbourne, (Unknown)

Kirk, Arthur Hartle (11)


Kirk, Leedham (48)

Kirk, Mary Ann Hartle (41)

Manning , William Henry (12)

Nichols, [Brother] (Unknown)

Olsen, James (22)

Palmer, Alphonzo Morris (14)

Palmer, Catherine King Dolbey (44)

Palmer, Eliza Evans (16)

Palmer, Mifflin Leonard (48)

Palmer, Salinda Dolbey (19)

Palmer, Sarah Bethula (10)

Paxman, Ann Rushen Keys (31)

Paxman, Edgar Moroni (4)

Paxman, Emma Tryphena (2)

Paxman, William (24)

Paxman, William Reed Horizon (5)

Paye, [Brother] (Unknown)

Penler, Hop (Unknown)

Raynor, [Sister] (Unknown)

Smith, Johnathan (Unknown)

Stanford, Charlotte Louisa (2)

Stanford, Cyrus Joseph (4)

Stanford, Elizabeth Young (26)

Stanford, Harriett Esther (infant)

Stanford, Joseph (27)

Stanford, Joseph (infant)

Stanford, Louisa Foreman (28)

Stanford, Stephen (28)

Stanforth, (Unknown)



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