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Warren Snow Company (1852)




Arrival in Salt Lake Valley:



Individuals Known To Have Traveled In This Company

Enslow, Lucy (2)

Enslow, Mary Harding Field (45)

Field, James (22)

Field, Joseph Henry (6)

Field, Kezia [or Elizabeth] (19)

Field, Mary (16)

Field, Sarah (12)

Field, William (17)

McCaslin, [Sister] (Unknown)

Snow, Elizabeth Ann (infant)

Snow, Gardner Elisha (4)

Snow, Joseph Smith (8)

Snow, Mary Ann Voorhees (19)

Snow, Warren Franklin (2)

Snow, Warren Stone (34)



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Garner, Mary Field, Autobiographical sketch, in Our Pioneer Heritage, 20 vols. [1958-77], 7:410-11

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