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James W. Cummings Company (1851)




Arrival in Salt Lake Valley:

30 September - 7 October 1851

Company Information:

About 150 individuals and 100 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Kanesville, Iowa (present day Council Bluffs).


Individuals Known To Have Traveled In This Company

Allen, Benjamin (Unknown)

Anderson, Eliza (16)

Anderson, James Pace (25)

Anderson, Martin Huston (14)

Anderson, Mary (20)

Anderson, Miles (56)

Anderson, Nancy Pace (50)

Anderson, Sarah (24)

Anderson, William Rocker (9)

Baddley (or Baddaley), Ann (4)

Baddley (or Baddaley), Eliza (30)

Baddley (or Baddaley), George (26)

Baddley (or Baddaley), Maria (infant)

Berner, James (Unknown)

Booth, Catherine (32)

Booth, James (Unknown)

Booth, William (Unknown)

Booth, William (Unknown)

Booth, [Mrs.] William (Unknown)

Broom, Ann (5)

Broom, Eliza (3)

Broom, Hester (23)

Broom, John (28)

Brown, D. (Unknown)

Brown, J. (Unknown)

Bullock, Christina (12)

Bullock, David (7)

Bullock, James (42)

Bullock, Robert (13)

Burn, [Brother] (Unknown)

Burt, Andrew (1)

Burt, Elizabeth (30)

Burt (or Birt), John (24)

Bybee, Betsey Lane (49)

Bybee, Byram (52)

Bybee, Byram Levi (10)

Bybee, David (18)

Bybee, Robert (13)

Cordon, Adeleide (2)

Cordon, Alfred (34)

Cordon, Edwin Parker (10)

Cordon, Emma (5)

Cordon, Emma Parker (47)

Cordon, Myra (infant)

Cordon, Rachel Ann (7)

Cummings, James W. (Unknown)

Davis, Margaret Grace (34)

Dunston, Maria (15)

Easton, Agnes Adam (Unknown)

Easton, Agnes Mitchell (32)

Easton, Alexander (34)

Easton, Elizabeth (56)

Easton, George (22)

Easton, James (28)

Easton, John (32)

Easton, Mary (infant)

Easton, Mary McDougal (50)

Easton, Mary Miller (26)

Easton, Matthew (18)

Easton, Robert (30)

Field, James (Unknown)

Fisher, John (Unknown)

Fisher, John (Unknown)

Gallop, John (40)

Gilliam (Gillim), Caroline H. (Unknown)

Goldsbrough, Amelia (30)

Goldsbrough, Henry (28)

Goldsbrough, Sarah Ann (22)

Gough, William (Unknown)

Grace, Elizabeth (7)

Grace, Elizabeth (29)

Grace, Isaac (31)

Grace, Margaret (4)

Grace, Margaret Abbott (Unknown)

Grow, Henry (Unknown)

Hacking, John Sampson (Unknown)

Hall, Ann Hughes (34)

Hall, James H. (1)

Hall, Joseph Smith (8)

Hall, Samuel P. (10)

Hall, Thomas (35)

Hall, Thomas J. (5)

Hamer, Elizabeth (19)

Hamer, John (27)

Hammon, Elizabeth (9)

Hammon, Levi Byram (2)

Hammon, Levi [or Levi Bird] (30)

Hammon, Martha (4)

Hammon, Polly (31)

Hammon, Polly Chapman (infant)

Hammon, Saloma (6)

Hartshorn, William (Unknown)

Haslam, Jane Ellen (5)

Haslam, John "S" (28)

Haslam, John Joseph (3)

Haslam, Martha Hamer (25)

Haslam, Samuel (infant)

Hays (or Hieys), John (Unknown)

Heath, George Fluker (23)

Heath, Huldah Marie (26)

Heath, Jacob (5)

Heath, James H. (37)

Heath, Martha Elizabeth (1)

Heath, William Riley (3)

Henderson, [Mr.] (Unknown)

Holt, Jesse Payton (18)

Holt, Mary Redd (59)

Holt, William (31)

Horn, Joseph (Unknown)

Howard, Elizabeth (9)

Howard, Martha (33)

Howard, Mary Matilda (12)

Howard, Nathaniel (Unknown)

Howard, Thomas (36)

Johnson, Amos (5)

Johnson, George Washington (28)

Johnson, Maria Jane Johnston (27)

Johnson, Miles Edgar (infant)

Johnson, Oliver (2)

Keir, Robert (Unknown)

Keir, [Mrs.] Alexander (Unknown)

Keir (or Weir; Meir), Alexander (Unknown)

Kerr, Sandy (Unknown)

Kiser, Stephen (Unknown)

Lewis, Benjamin Marion (10)

Lewis, Neriah (35)

Lewis, Neriah R. (7)

Lewis, Rebecca (3)

Lewis, Rebecca Hendricks (35)

Lewis, William Hendricks (14)

Lowe, James (Unknown)

Luce, Ephraim (52)

Maddison, Flora Louise (16)

Maddison, Frank (8)

Maddison, Hubert (7)

Maddison, John (49)

Maddison, Katherine (25)

Maddison, Maria (40)

Maddison, Rosina (6)

Mark, Lucy A. (27)

Mark, Phebe J. (infant)

Mark, Ransom L. (47)

McAllister, Ellen Handley (27)

McAllister, John D. H. (infant)

McAllister, John Daniel Thompson (24)

McAllister, Moroni H. (3)

Moore, [Brother] (Unknown)

Muir, Stephen (Unknown)

Mustard, Sandy (Unknown)

Okey, Daniel (10)

Okey, Edwin (36)

Okey, Elizabeth (8)

Okey, Mary Pitt (31)

Okey, Sarah Celestia (3)

Orton, Alma Thomas (1)

Orton, John (Unknown)

Orton, Mary Ann (Unknown)

Player, Nancy (23)

Player, William (20)

Player, Zillah Jane (infant)

Pyser (or Pryser; Piper), Isaac (Unknown)

Reese, Henry (Unknown)

Shelley, James (23)

Shelley, James Boyer (59)

Shelley, John (20)

Shelley, Joseph Henry (5)

Shelley, Martha (26)

Shelley, Sarah (11)

Shelley, Thomas (29)

Shelley, William Hendricks (32)

Smith, William (Unknown)

Spratley, George (41)

Steele, Mary Ann (28)

Steele, Mary Elizabeth (infant)

Steele, Moses Beckett (3)

Steele, Richard (33)

Stewart, Amanda (25)

Stewart, Benjamin (22)

Stewart, Dorcas (12)

Stewart, James (24)

Stewart, Mary McDougal (30)

Stewart, Moroni (15)

Stewart, Nathaniel (44)

Stewart, Nathaniel Barnett (2)

Stewart, Nephi (16)

Stewart, Phoebe Jane (3)

Stewart, Sarah [or Sally] Ann (18)

Stewart, Susanne [or Susannah] (1)

Stewart, William Preston (18)

Stoddard, David Kerr (21)

Stoddard, Janet (57)

Stoddard, John (16)

Stoddard, John Hunter (4)

Stoddard, John Miller (56)

Stout, Alfred Fisk (infant)

Stout, Allen Joseph (35)

Stout, Allen Joseph, Jr. (5)

Stout, Amanda Melvina Fisk (19)

Stout, Charles (7)

Stout, Lydia (2)

Stout, Martha (3)

Thorn, David (54)

Thorn, David Thomas (1)

Thorn, Elizabeth (41)

Thorn, Emma (2)

Thorn, Fredrick (9)

Thorn, George (11)

Thorn, Robert (4)

Thorn, Sarah Ann (7)

Thorn, William (36)

Trimmer, Edward (Unknown)

Trimmer, Edward Wiley (20)

Trimmer, Edward [or Edwin] (51)

Trimmer, Elizabeth (49)

Trimmer, Harriet (4)

Trimmer, John (10)

Trimmer, Robert (15)

Trimmer, William (8)

Williamson (or Williams), James (38)

Williamson (or Williams), James Ray (9)

Williamson (or Williams), Margaret (7)

Williamson (or Williams), Mary Rae (12)

Williamson (or Williams), Mary Ray (38)

Williamson (or Williams), Thomas (4)

Wilson, [Brother] (Unknown)

Wood, John (Unknown)



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