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David Lewis Company (1851)



1 May 1851

Arrival in Salt Lake Valley:

9 September 1851

Company Information:

174 or 177 individuals and 76 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post on the Elkhorn River about 27 miles west of Winter Quarters, Nebraska.


Individuals Known To Have Traveled In This Company

David Lewis Company (1851)

Freeman, Columbus Reed (13)

Freeman, Jemima Marinda (8)

Freeman, John (46)

Freeman, John Woodruff (15)

Freeman, Margaret Phoebe (10)

Freeman, Martha Jane (3)

Freeman, Martisha (17)

Freeman, Nancy Beal Smoot (44)

Freese, David (Unknown)

Freese, Joseph (Unknown)

Lewis, Arminta (16)

Lewis, David (8)

Lewis, David (Unknown)

Lewis, David (37)

Lewis, Duritha (38)

Lewis, Olive (3)

Lewis, Preston (14)

Lewis, Siney [or Sidney] (3)

McIntosh, John Ephraim (9)

McIntosh, Maria Caldwell (27)

McIntosh, William (32)

McIntosh, William Henry (2)

Nelson, Henry (25)

Nelson, Henry Thomas (1)

Nelson, Isaac (Unknown)

Nelson, Sarah Ann Richmond (22)

Patten, A. V. (Unknown)

Stewart, Eliza (infant)

Stewart, J. M. (Unknown)

Stewart, John Martin (43)

Stewart, Margaret (15)

Stewart, Marticia Jane (3)

Stewart, Mary (6)

Stewart, Nancy (13)

Stewart, Nancy (41)

Stowe, J. P. (Unknown)

Stowe, James Philemon (47)

Wilson, Emeline (5)

Wilson, Ephraim (7)

Wilson, Frances Kelly (35)

Wilson, Henry Hardy (48)

Wilson, Henry Hardy, Jr. (10)

Wilson, Mary (infant)

Wilson, Sarah F. (3)

Woolsey, R. (Unknown)

Woolsey, Reuben (20)


Stewart, J. M., [Report], in Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company, General files 1849-1898, reel 1, box 1, fd. 4.


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