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Abraham O. Smoot - George B. Wallace Company (1847)



18 June 1847

Arrival in Salt Lake Valley:

25, 26, 29 September 1847

Company Information:

223 individuals were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post on the Elkhorn River about 27 miles west of Winter Quarters, Nebraska.


Individuals Known To Have Traveled In This Company

Allen, Andrew Jackson (28)

Allen, Delilah Emaline (28)

Allen, Margaret Mary Jane (2)

Allen, Martha (24)

Allen, Martha Elizabeth (1)

Allen, Pernecy Frances (5)

Allen, William Coleman (4)

Armstrong, John Christopher (33)

Armstrong, Joseph Hyrum (infant)

Armstrong, Mary Kirkbride (31)

Benbow, Sarah (27)

Benbow, Thomas (24)

Blackburn, Elizabeth Bowen (Unknown)

Blackburn, John Jehu (22)

Blackburn, Julia Ann Jameson (20)

Bouck, Euphemia E. Dibble [or Eupronia] (48)

Bouck, John Adam (50)

Bryson, Margaret (50)

Calvert ( or Cavit ), William (Unknown)

Carter, Ellen Benbow (22)

Carter, Sarah (Unknown)

Chase, Charles Alvin (Unknown)

Chase, Charles S. (Unknown)

Chase, Sarah M. (Unknown)

Chase, Susan S. (Unknown)

Church, Hyrum Smith (1)

Church, Hyrum Smith (1)

Church, Sarah Ann Arterbury (23)

Clifford, Elijah (32)

Davidson, James Jackson (16)

Davis, Elizabeth (53)

Davis, Mariah (13)

Dewey, Albert Corning (21)

Dewey, Harriet Adams (45)

Dewey, John H. (15)

Dewey, Maria Loomis (17)

Dunlap, Joseph (Unknown)

Dunlap, Sarah (Unknown)

Eldredge, Elnathan (36)

Eldredge, Elnathan, Jr. (5)

Eldredge, Frederick Baker (1)

Eldredge, Joseph Underwood (3)

Eldredge, Ruth Baker (37)

Eldredge, Sarah or Sabra (52)

Fisher, Pliny (72)

Fitzgerald, John (7)

Fitzgerald, Mary Ann Casot (25)

Fitzgerald, Perry (31)

Fitzwald, Barbara (Unknown)

Forsgren, Mary Ann (23)

Gibbs, Eliza Abigail Bouch (23)

Gibbs, Gideon Hayden Cartel (25)

Granger, Lafayette (21)

Hansen, Peter Olsen (29)

Harris, Emily Hill (31)

Harris, Mary E. (Unknown)

Harris, William Jaspar (10)

Hart, Charles (10)

Hart, John (12)

Haskell, Thales Hastings (13)

Haskell, Ursula Billings (48)

Henderson, Martha Ann (12)

Higbee, Harriet (10)

Higbee, John Mount (20)

Higbee, Judith Ball (36)

Higbee, Sarah (13)

Higbee, Silas Somers (6)

Hill, Archibald Newel (37)

Hill, Cynthia Utley Stewart (24)

Hill, George Richard (infant)

Hill, George Washington (25)

Kellogg, Ezekiel (Unknown)

Kimball, Mary Ellen Harris Able (29)

Kingsbury, Dorcas Adelia Moore (19)

Kingsbury, Joseph Corrodon (35)

Kingsbury, Louisa Loenza Alcina Pond (17)

Kleinman, Elizabeth Malholm (29)

Knight, Samuel (14)


Lane, Mariah (16)

Lane, William P. (15)

Lee, Eliza A. (20)

Lee, Martha Ann (2)

Leonard, John Chatfield (15)

Lewis, David (6)

Linrie [or Lenzie], John (16)

Matthews, Jane W. (Unknown)

Merrill, Lemuel W. (7)

Miles, John (21)

Moore, Annis Leah (3)

Moore, Charles Harper (Unknown)

Moore, Elizabeth (30)

Moore, George W. (17)

Moore, Mahala Dorcas (Unknown)

Moore, Mary Lemira (Unknown)

Moore, Thomas (Unknown)

Mount, Elizabeth Bassack (Unknown)

Mount, Joseph (Unknown)

Mount, Mary Jane (Unknown)

Murdock, George (Unknown)

Murdock, Gideon Allen (Unknown)

Murdock, John (Unknown)

Murdock, Mary C. (Unknown)

Murdock, Sarah (Unknown)

Nebeker, Aaron (6)

Nebeker, Ashton (3)

Nebeker, Elizabeth (18)

Nebeker, George (20)

Nebeker, Harriet Ann (30)

Nebeker, Henry (29)

Nebeker, Ira (7)

Nebeker, John (33)

Nebeker, Lurena (28)

Nebeker, Mary Ann (3)

Nebeker, Peter (24)

Nebeker, Rosella (1)

Nebeker, William Henry (6)

Nebeker, William Perry (10)

Noble, Susan (14)

Peacock, John (Unknown)

Pearson, Elias Fraser (30)

Pomeroy, Francella Eugena (1)

Pomeroy, Irene Ursulia Haskell (21)

Pond, Almira Elizabeth Whitmore (46)

Pond, Stillman (43)

Riser, George Christian (Unknown)

Riser, Joseph Hyrum (Unknown)

Riser, Mary Ann (4)

Riser, Sophia Christianna (Unknown)

Rolfe, Elizabeth Hathaway (46)

Rolfe, Horace C. [or Horace M.] (13)

Rolfe, Lydia (Unknown)

Rolfe, Mary Ann E. (Unknown)

Rolfe, Samuel Jones (51)

Rolfe, Samuel Jones (11)

Rolfe, William Jasper (8)

Savage, Levi (57)

Savage, Matthew (10)

Smithies, James (39)

Smithies, Mary (9)

Smithies, Nancy Ann Knowles (37)

Smithies, Robert (3)

Smoot, Abraham Owen (32)

Smoot, Margaret Thompson McMeans (38)

Stewart, Alameda (6)

Stewart, Benjamin Franklin (29)

Stewart, Caroline (14)

Stewart, China Ann (1)

Stewart, Delpha Jones (34)

Stewart, Edna (Unknown)

Stewart, Eliza Jane (15)

Stewart, Elizabeth (10)

Stewart, George (8)

Stewart, George Rufus (19)

Stewart, Isaiah Lawrence (10)

Stewart, James Wesley (22)

Stewart, John Calvin (8)


Stewart, Joseph Virgil (8)

Stewart, Joshua Laurence (6)

Stewart, Lydia G. (Unknown)

Stewart, Mary Eveline (12)

Stewart, Mary Jane (16)

Stewart, Nancy Lorena (5)

Stewart, Polly Richardson (29)

Stewart, Randolph Hockeday (11)

Stewart, Ruthinda Emma (2)

Stewart, Urban (Unknown)

Stewart, Urban, Jr. (Unknown)

Stewart, William (46)

Stewart, William Anderson (17)

Stewart, William, jun. (Unknown)

Stidham, David George (Unknown)

Stidham, Susan Ann (Unknown)

Stidham, William (Unknown)

Stuart, David Marshall (21)

Terry, Joshua (22)

Thompson, R. (Unknown)

Thompson, (Unknown)

Train, Charlotte (49)

Turnbow, Epsy Adeline (11)

Turnbow, John Gillenroy (13)

Turnbow, Margaret Ann (infant)

Turnbow, Milton Octavious (2)

Turnbow, Robert Franklin (8)

Turnbow, Samuel (42)

Turnbow, Sophronia Ellen Lenora (6)

Turnbow, Sylvira Caroline (36)

Turner, Chauncey (47)

Turner, Hannah Franklin (42)

Turner, Harriet Maria (13)

Turner, Henry Moroni (3)

Turner, John Wesley (15)

Turner, Julia Ann (10)

Walker, Elizabeth (20)

Wallace, George Benjamin (30)

Wallace, Mary M. (Infant)

Wallace, Melissa M. (24)

Weatherbee, Jacob (Unknown)

Wheeler, Daniel D. (Unknown)

Wheeler, John J. (Unknown)

Wheeler, Joseph S. (Unknown)

Wheeler, Lucy Ann (Unknown)

Wheeler, Margaret (Unknown)

Wheeler, Martha (Unknown)

Wheeler, Thomas J. (Unknown)

Wheeler, William W. (Unknown)

Whitney, Elizabeth Almira (Unknown)

Whitney, Elizabeth M. (Unknown)

Whitney, Henrietta (Unknown)

Whitney, Samuel Alonzo (Unknown)

Willis, Ann Cherry (13)

Willis, John Henry (12)

Willis, Josephine (3)

Willis, Joshua Thomas (28)

Willis, Margaret (59)

Willis, Margaret Jane (34)

Willis, Mary Lucretia (Unknown)

Willis, Thomas Tillman (5)

Willis, William Wesley, Jr. (1)

Wixom, John (37)

Wood, Andrew (Unknown)

Wood, Jane (Unknown)

Woodbury, Catherine Rebecca Haskell (30)

Woodbury, Elizabeth Bartlett (53)

Woodbury, Hannah Maria (13)

Woodbury, Jeremiah (56)

Woodbury, John Haskell (1)

Woodbury, John Stillman (21)

Woodbury, Melinda McKenzie Haskell (3)

Woodbury, Orin Nelson (18)

Woodbury, Thomas Hobart (24)

Woodruff, Aphek (68)

Woodruff, Mary Anne Jackson (28)

Woodruff , James Jackson (Infant)

Wooley, John Mills (25)

Woolley, John Dewey (Infant)

Woolley, Maria Lucy (24)




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