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Ancestors of Leland Foulger TRIBE

Thirteenth Generation

6080. John BONIFACE Sr. 1 was born about 1545/1550 in Of Ditchling, Sussex, England. He died after 1579 in Ditchling, Sussex, England.


6112. Edward STAKER 1 was christened on 2 Mar 1563 in Yapton, Sussex, Eng. He died in 1633 in Chichester, Sussex, Eng. He married Ann MYLLE on 21 Jul 1588 in Yapton, Sussex, Eng.

6113. Ann MYLLE 1 was born about 1567 in Of, Yapton, Sussex, England. She died in 1596/1603 in Yapton, Sussex, England. She was buried on 2 Jun 1603 in Yapton, Sussex, Eng.


6114. Thomas PATCHING 1 was born in Of, Horsham, Sussex, England. He was christened on 11 Jan 1566 in Horsham, Sssx, Eng. He was buried on 18 Dec 1610 in Horsham, Sussex, England. He married Joane.

6115. Joane 1 was born in <1570> in <Of, Horsham, Sussex, England>.


6120. Thomas NASH 1 was born in <1593> in Of, Stratford, Warwickshire, England. He died on 4 Apr 1647. He married Cicely on 22 Apr 1626.

6121. Cicely 1 was born in <1595> in <Of, Stratford, Warwickshire, England>. She was buried on 12 May 1638 in At, Brancaster, , England.


6128. Roberte DUFFELD 1 was christened on 29 Jan 1575 in Felpham, Sussex, England. He married Joan PETER on 9 Jul 1599 in Walberton, Sussex, England.

6129. Joan PETER 1 was christened on 13 Apr 1575 in Walberton, Sussex, England. She died in Dec 1608 in Felpham, Sussex, England. She was buried on 28 Dec 1608 in Felpham, Sussex, England.


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