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Ancestors of Wilbert Dolan (Bill) FIFE

Fourteenth Generation

10912. Peter GATES 1 was born in 1550 in Of, High Easter, Essex, England. He married Mary JOSSELYN about 1580 in High Estre, Essex, England.

10913. Mary JOSSELYN 1 was born in 1568 in Oakington, Cambridgeshire, England. She was christened on 13 Aug 1575 in High Roding, Essex, England. She died in England.


10920. William WOODWARD 1 was born about 1559/1569 in , Childwell, Lancashire, England. He married Elizabeth.

10921. Elizabeth 1 was born about 1567 in Of Ipswich, Suffolk, England.


10928. BENJAMIN 1 was born before 1570 in , , , England.


10932. Thomas EDDYE 1 was born in 1542 in ., Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. He died in Jul 1578 in Of, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. He was buried in , Gloucestershire, England. He married Mrs. Thomas (EDDY) about 1550 in Of, Bristol, Glouceseter, England.

10933. Mrs. Thomas (EDDY) 1 was born about 1530 in Bristol, Somerset, England. She died about 1600.


10934. John FOSTEN 1 was born in 1537 in ., Cranbrook, Kent, England. He died on 25 Sep 1573 in ., Cranbrook, Kent, England. He was buried in Sep 1573. He married Elizabeth Ellen MUNN on 19 Jan 1562 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.

10935. Elizabeth Ellen MUNN 1 was born in 1568 in ., Cranbrook, Kent, England. She died on 18 Jul 1611 in ., Cranbrook, Kent, England.


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