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Lorin Farr and Farr West, Utah Monument

The Formation of Farr West

(Left Column)

The first settler of Farr West, then known as Harrisville, was probably Joseph Taylor Sr. in 1858. On Nov 30, 1890 a public meeting was held in the West School House where it was decided to rename the western portion of Harrisville, "Farr West" Lorin Farr and Chauncey West were again recognized for their contributions to society. In 1896 Utah became a State and on Nov 10, 1980. Farr West was incorporated as a City.





Lorin Farr

(Middle Column)

Born July 27, 1820 - Waterford, Vermont to Winslow Farr Sr. and Olive Hovey Freeman.

1831 - joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 11 years of Age.

1837 - Moved to Kirtland, Ohio.

1838 - Moved to Far West, Missouri.

1840 - Helped settle Nauvoo, Illinois.

1844 - 1845 - Served mission to Eastern States.

1845 - Married Nancy B. Chase.

1845 - 1847 - Assisted in building the Nauvoo Temple.

1847 - Arrived in Salt Lake Valley Sept. 20.

1850 - Lived in Bingham Fort are and called to preside over the church in the Ogden are, which included present day Farr West.

1851 - Called as first President of Weber Stake.

1853 - Elected first Mayor of Ogden, serving until 1856.

1860 - Represented Weber County in the Territorial Legislature.

1868 - Joined with Chauncey Walker West and Ezra T. Benson in contracting with Central Pacific Railroad to grade 200 miles of roadbed from Ogden west to Humbolt Wells, Nevada.

Died January 12, 1909.

A dynamic public-spirited man who contributed his time, energy and talents for the betterment of the whole

Farr West Major Pathway to Oregon and California

(Right Column)

Many early westward travelers following the Oregon or California Trails would come to Salt Lake City to re-supply. Then they would head north, via Plain City entering Farr West. Prior to 1848, many had to travel north to Ft. Hall Idaho. In order to get back on earlier of the trails. In 1848 Samuel Hensley found a short-cut to these trails that passed near the City of Rocks, Idaho. Between 1849 and 1857 it is estimated that 165,000 westward travelers used this route through Farr West, bringing with them nearly a million animals. This route became the Territorial Road in 1851.

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