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Camp Hollow - Hyrum, Utah

On April 6, 1860 the first pioneers of Hyrum encamped on this stream, they lived in wagon boxes, shelters dug into the banks, tilled and planted about one hundred acres of virgin soil. Later in the fall, following the advice of Apostle Ezra Taft Benson, they moved about one mile south west, built a fort and named the place Hyrum in honor of the beloved brother of the prophet Joseph Smith, both of whom were martyred at Carthage, Illinois June 27, 1844. (Only Head Of Household Listed.)


LOCATED: Corner of Park Ave. & Park Drive (110 North) - Hyrum, Utah

  • Ira Allen
  • Niels B. Nielsen
  • Hugh Parks
  • Andrew Anderson
  • Thomas Williams
  • George Nielsen
  • Calvin Bingham
  • Christopher Olsen
  • Andrew A. Allen
  • Andrew Nielsen
  • Alonzo Bingham
  • Soren Neilsen
  • Alva Benson
  • Adam Smith
  • Hans Monsen
  • Oliver McBride
  • William Williams
  • Noah Brimhall
  • David Osborn
  • Jens Jensen Sr.
  • Jonas Halversen
  • Hans E. Nielsen
  • David Parks
  • Rasmus Jensen

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