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Erastus Bingham/Bingham Fort Monument

Monument Was Formerly Located At Five Points in Ogden, Utah. Moved 08/2005 to site of Binghams Fort.






Bingham's Fort 

In 1851, Bishop Erastus Bingham, Utah pioneer of 1847, supervised the erection of a fort three blocks west of this marker for protection from hostile Indians. Each family was assigned a section to build the walls, which enclosed an area 120x60 rods, were 12 ft. high by 8 ft. wide at the bottom tapering to 3 ft. at the top, and were made of mud and rock supported by poles and woven willows. Within the fort, houses were erected 66 ft. from the walls to provide space for livestock. The gate of heavy timber was large enough to drive a team through. Water was obtained from the Lynn irrigation ditch. By 1854 there were 732 inhabitants in the fort.

20 Harrisville Road

Ogden, Weber, Utah



Weber DUP

Bingham Family Organization


Dimensions (top): 5.5" H

Dimensions (base): 4" W 18" D

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