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Erastus Bingham Cabin




Located at Lagoon Pioneer Park - Farmington, Utah


Occupants of the Old Bingham Cabin

Notes of Edna Stone identify that the cabin was built approximately 1860.

1. Erastus Bingham and family, 1851-1886. Mahitable Bingham, m. Sept. 11 185_. Patrick and Mrs. Shea bought the farmstead in 1886 from the Binghams and rented it to others until 1913. Vol 11 p. 92.

2. Sarnuel Wilson, approx. 1885-1892. arrived 1853. Vol 14 p 181. (Lewis Dunbar Jr. arr.1853, vol 10 p.194. S. Dunbar Wilson arr 1853 vol 1. Erastus Bingham married Emma Nye Wilson) Florence Wilson Hunter, daughter.

3. Andrew and Jane Ann Mills, 1894-1906

4. Mrs. Shea's brother, Cronin, lived here a short time.

5. Jake Opiekins (Opheikens?)

6. Chauncey and Edna Stone, May 1910- December 1925. In 1913 Chauncey and John Stone purchased the farm and cabin.

7. Loyal and Gladys Stone Stokes, 1928-29

8. Earl and Darhl Brown Salt, 1930-40

9. Clyde and Macel Montgomery, 1940 -1951

10. Cabin sold to Sons of Utah Pioneers in 1954.

Sources: Notes of Edna Stone and Polks Ogden City Directories

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