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The Daniel Thompson Home

Daniel Thompson home

in Scipio, Utah

99 West Center Street

Built in 1902

Daniel and Lorenda first lived in a log house in Scipio. About 1902 a brick house was built located south west of the town square. Lorenda died in 1907 and Daniel died in 1912. The home was rented by at least three renters. Delcena Robins took over her parent's home after her husband was killed. Her greandson Leo, her son Well's youngest child married in 1951. He brought his wife to his grandmother's home to live in two rooms of the house. When Delcena died in 1952, Leo and his wife Shirley took over the home. They remodeled the home in stages gradually changing it by putting on a new roof and removing the back porch. Later the location of the stairway to the second floor was changed to make a more convenient entry to the home. About 1990 more changes were made. A large family room, a bathroom, carport and garage were added. A cement floor was added to the front porch. Much of the original architecture and decor are in place. New windows were installed in some of the rooms. The beautifully ornate indoor doors were refinished, as were some of the pieces of antique furniture. The front porch has the original gingerbread trim, which adds a special antique look to the whole house. White brick veneer was added to the outside of the home. It is a stately old-fashioned home well preserved and handsome. The address is 99 West Center St. Scipio, Utah 84656

Source: Life Histories of Merwin and Martha Hansen Thompson

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