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Emil John Tvrdy - Grave Dedication

Grave Dedication Jerome, Idaho Cemetery

February 8, 2003

Our father in Heaven. We, family, friends, and loved ones have gathered here, surrounding this open grave, to dedicate and consecrate this spot of earth, selected by the family, as the final resting place for the mortal body of Emil John Tvrdy. May this small parcel of earth be a hallowed spot where family and friends can come to remember and reverence thy noble son who rests here. And may his mortal body rest in peace until the time appointed, in the morning of the first resurrection, when it will come forth whole and perfect to be reunited with its spirit becoming a perfect glorified being to live eternally in its appointed kingdom of glory. This we do through the power of the holy priesthood and in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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