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Utahn Awaits 91st Birthday Fete Tuesday - Thomas Bingham

Tribune Intermountain Wire

VERNAL - Thomas Bingham; pioneer of Ashley Valley In 1878 and second oldest Uintah county resident, will be honored on his ninety-first birthday anniversary Tuesday by an open house for relatives and friends at his home in Maeser.

Mr. Bingham, was born August 12, 1850 on a homestead located on the present site of Ogden 15 days before surveying was begun for the city.

His father was Thomas Bingham Sr., member of the Mormon battalion. His mother was Carron Happock Holladay. During the stirring days; of the gold rush to California, Mr. Bingham recalls the return from the gold fields of a famous pioneer, James Brown, who lost his life as a result of running his arm through a molasses mill.

Content to live and die In Ashley valley, Mr. Bingham recalls, that when he came here 63 years, ago, no one thought that water could be brought to the very acres where he now lives in Maeser and so he settled first on Green river and then at Dry Fork where water was accessible. Now waving fields of grain bespeak the wisdom of Mr. Bingham and others in getting the water out on "the bench".

Mr. Bingham became a member of the first high council when the Uintah LDS stake was organized. He took charge of musical activities and for many years directed a choir in the Maeser ward. Here also he was in the superintendency of the Sunday school for 23 years and although he walked one and a quarter miles to the chapel he was never-tardy. Later he was in the Maeser bishopric for nearly six years.

While living in Weber county, he married Mary Elizabeth Froerer in, the old Salt Lake endowment house June 1, 1874. He later married Mary Elizabeths twin Louisa. Mr. Bingham has 12 living Sons and daughters! Mrs. George Bartlett, Mrs. Anna Dudley, Fred G. and Lester Bingham, and Mrs. John Hodgkinson of Vernal; Mrs. Victor Billings. Salt Lake City;, George S. Bingham of American Fork; Francis M. Bingham of Magrath, Can., Edwin Bingham of Charlo, Mont. Mrs. J. U. Allred of Logan; Mrs. William Hacking, of Cedar Fort, and Mrs. Morley Vernon of Orem; 90 grandchildren, and 75 great-grandchildren.

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