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Eccesiastical Organization in Riverdale

During the early period of Riverdale's history, it was a Part of the Ogden Second Ward; however, meetings were held in the homes of the settlers under the direction of Adam Fife, with the sanction of Bishop Edward Brinker. Fife was succeeded by Gordon Beckstead, who was followed by John C. Thompson. Sanford Bingham was the next presiding elder. On May 28,1877, the Riverdale Ward was organized. Sanford Bingham was ordained and set apart as the first bishop of the ward with John C. Thompson and William Stimpson as counselors. Mr. Bingham acted in that capacity for 25 years, serving until past the end of the century.

The auxiliary organizations of the Church were also established at Riverdale. A Sunday School was organized in 1867, with Frederic King acting as superintendent. Mrs. Martha Ann Bingham was the first president of the Relief Society, organized in 1872. A Y.M.M.I.A. was inaugurated in 1876, a Y.L.M.I.A. in 1879, and a Primary Association the same year. Joseph Fife was president of the first, Mrs. Martha Ann Fife of the second, and Mrs. Martha Ann Bingham presided over the Primary Association.

Source: Beneath Ben Lomond's Peak, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Weber County Chapter, Pg. 163-164

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