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Erastus The Pioneer

By Leonard O. Bingham


There lived across the sea

In far off Britany,

A family of royal birth,

Sainted, "The Salt Of The Earth."

And from across the sea

Came this noble family

And like unto their native haunt

Settled in the green hills of Vermont.


In pages of history we are told

These "Bingham's" were also warriors bold.

Some rode with the six hundred with unsheathed blade

In the mighty charge of "The Light Brigade."

Others in the battle of Bunker Hill,

Gallantly faught and their blood did spill

It seems t'was not their desire to fight

But were always ready to defend the right.


On March the 12th, 1798,

To Elisha and Sally upon this date,

A son was born to this couple gay.

They named him "Erastus" and he was their joy,

But at the age of four, sorrow came to this boy

For his mother, grief-stricken, mate gone, seemed alone

And tearfully told him his father had been called home.


Years later came the gospel in the land

And to this little "God fearing band"

Came a messenger in glory, then

Preaching Repentance, Peace, Good will toward men,

Erastus the dutiful, heard him say:

"Come out of Babylon with the rest

Today, today this very day.

Across the praire to the West."


In June '47 along with the rest,

Erastus and his family started west.

Brave, undaunted, and of good cheer

Was this man we do revere.

Foot sore, weary yet not murmuring he

For now, had not they their liberty?

Trials and hardships were had by each member

And they entered the valley in the month of September.


Erastus, Erastus brave pioneer,

Your memory we all hold so dear

That each of us from far and near

Shout your praises each day each year.

For because of your heritage is "Our Home In The West."

Again let us say "Your name we do revere,

Sleep peacefully Erastus, sleep Old Pioneer."

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