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Bingham Farm

The Bingham Farm was established in 1851, the first permanent farmstead of the north side of Ogden City. In 1853 Mormon settlers built Bingham's Fort for protection from the Indians. The northeast portion of the farm was included in the fort boundaries. The farm provided food and sustenance for the 563 residents of the fort until 1856.

Stone Farm began in 1870 on the north side of West 2nd Street. In 1900 the two farms combined, and today the farm is known as the Bingham/Stone Farm or the Bingham's Fort Farm.

The farm has been in continuous production for 151 years. The Marriott Heritage Foundation is presently seeking funds to preserve the forty acre farm in a conservation easement. The farm represents both the agriculture traditions of the 19th century and the scientific farming practices developed in the early 20th century. The homes, outbuildings, and farmland at this location combine to convey a well preserved view of this important but increasingly rare type of cultural resource.

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