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Ollie Olsen

Ollie Olsen


Verse 1


My name is Ollie Olsen and I yust come from Nor-vay

I come to New York, I can't find no verk

So I tink I go vest right away

I buy me one ticket to Saint Polly

And I get on one hella fine car

Conductor comes long and said Ollie

You ride in the immigrant car




Vell it's Ollie, dey all call me Ollie

I don't know how dey find out my name

I never tell none of those fellows

But it's Ollie yust the same


Verse 2


When I get off the train at Saint Polly

I only had fifty cents

I buy me one pint of Alcoholly

And on a big drunk I did vent

When a man with blue coat and brass buttons

Says Ollie you come go mitt me

And he pulled and he pushed and he kicked me

and he locked me up vitt a big key


Verse 3


Next morning dey take to the courthouse

Dey take me before Yudge Green

He whispered some tings to dem fellow

and made me acquainted on dem

Ollie the big Swede from Nor-vay

has been on a big drunk, so dey say

Dey give me ten days on the rock pile

So I tink I remember that day


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