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Bingham Fort & Farm


l. The privately owned farm is the oldest pioneer site in Weber County*.

2. There are no preserved, public pioneer sites in Weber County; only trapper and railroad sites have been preserved.

3. Erastus Bingham was a colonizer for Brigham Young who was active in civic and ecclesiastical affairs in Weber County for thirty years. In 1851 he was bishop of northern Weber County where he made his farm at the present day site of 317 W. 2nd Street. In 1853 he supervised the construction of a fort that included a portion of his farm.

4. Early pioneers and immigrants to this valley relied on Bingham's Farm and Fort for protection, sustenance and community needs of that time.

5. There were 21 forts on the Wasatch Front in the 1850s. Bingham's Fort had the largest population, and in 2003 it is the only fort site left with something of historical significance: the fort farm, two 1 850s cabins, and ten homes built by fort residents during the period of 1860 to 1880. (One cabin is now located in Pioneer Village in Lagoon.)

6. At the turn of the century the Bingham Farm became Stone Farm; this era was known as The Golden Age of the Family Farm when machinery began replacing horses. Many barns and structures of this era make it eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

7. Archeological artifacts of pioneers and Indians have been discovered on site.



1. People passing by will benefit. At a glance they will see the rural charm and history evident in the structures, signs and the historic cobblestone crosswalk over West 2nd Street that was just built by Ogden City Redevelopment.

2. Ogden City Landmarks Commission published a walking tour of the Bingham's Fort Area in 1998. People who wish to follow this tour will benefit from the preservation of the oldest and largest site on the tour, the Bingham/Stone Farm.

3. The Nature Center is interested in providing on site classes for elementary aged children in agriculture and history.

4. Great Basin Antique Farm Machines rents two to five acres of the farm. In 2002 the first annual shocking and thrashing was open to the pubic. In the future there are plans for additional activities such as planting, pea harvesting and exhibits of antique farm machinery.

5. In 2002 the farm managers invited handicapped classes, foster care children and YCC families to pick their own pumpkins and view farm animals.

6. In 2000 the Harrisville Stake sponsored Days of Bingham's Fort celebration.

7. The owners desire to preserve the farm for perpetuity. Preserving the farm will provide young and old a cherished heritage and retain pride in the historic identity of the community.


*Erastus Bingham established this farm in 1851; the Fort was built in 1853; Ogden annexed the Bingharn's Fort district in 1890.

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